Wall to Wall: Art builds community

On August 3, 2016, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
Wall to Wall: Art Builds Community will be on exhibit at the Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, from September 24 to October 30.

Wall to Wall: Art Builds Community will be on exhibit at the Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, from September 24 to October 30.

By Sanjeev Selvarajah

The Nave Gallery is holding the upcoming community event, Wall to Wall, calling on all who want to highlight and help their community using the Arts: there is a $15 entry fee. A maximum of three pieces may be entered for consideration. Submissions will be accepted through August 15. The Nave Gallery will retain only 30% commission for work sold.

This has been the very simple and feasible set of guidelines which Curator Karl Stephan had in mind for the curious: “My motivation is to help people understand how art can help build positive community in a very practical hands-on way.”

The outreach couldn’t be more inclusive, inviting the gifted and the sincere: “With programming and logistical assistance from the CHCP Social Justice Circle. The Nave Gallery, in partnership with the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church invites artists to participate in the curated gallery exhibition Wall to Wall: Art Builds Community (aka W2W).”

Stephan teaches at the Museum of Fine Arts and encourages a splendor of art-types: “I am looking for street artists, street-inspired studio artists, community artists, community-inspired artists, art educators and others. I don’t really care about MFA degrees or show credentials. I seek skilled artists who are contributing in a positive way to their community.”

“Amazing work is being done today in every conceivable mode, but bad graffiti doesn’t advance our understanding any more than bad Impressionism. Street art and graffiti, like punk and other DIY cultures brings a strong emphasis on community. I am interested in the potential for street art, and all art, to help build positive communities.”

These are the words of Nave’s very-literal message. Nave’s mission in this respect is a campaign and call to arms, arms meaning pastel and paint, pencil and pen: “W2W is a gallery exhibition of street art and street-inspired studio art that represents the ways art helps to build community. W2W will be held in conjunction with CHPC’s annual social justice program “Learn to Talk” and Somerville’s legendary HONK! Festival of Street Bands. W2W will consist of an exhibit, artist talks and other events and activities that engage participants in positive dialogue for the purpose of building a more equitable community. Artists in all media are invited to submit work that promotes such dialogue. Strong expressions are encouraged.”

Stay tuned for exhibit news like artists involved and when the opening reception takes place. As of right now exhibition dates are September 24 to October 30. The submission guidelines can be seen in its full glory at http://navegallery.org/wp/wall-2-wall-cfe/.


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