Cops nab Davis Square GPS thieves in Somerville

On November 24, 2010, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By George P. Hassett

Police arrested two men accused of smashing a car window and stealing a GPS device in Davis Square on Nov. 18.

Michael Barnett, 30, of 500 Mystic Avenue, and Adam Leal, 26, of 500 Mystic Avenue were arrested on Broadway and charged with receiving stolen property over $250.

Both men had been previously known to police and officers followed the pair around the night of the break-in. When police stopped Leal and Barnett they allegedly confiscated a GPS device and flashlights.

When questioned, police said Leal made several inconsistent statements and displayed deception.

Police traced the GPS device to an address in Cambridge. The man who owned the GPS said his car had been broken into on Grove Street, off Highland Avenue.

Police said they recovered fresh fingerprints off the victim’s car. Police said Leal has been arrested on similar charges previously.


2 Responses to “Cops nab Davis Square GPS thieves in Somerville”

  1. fedup says:

    Im glad to hear that these punks were caught but it tickles my feathers that the police finger printed..My gps was stolen there is a video of the well know thief in action and still no arrest ! The cops didnt even take time to look at the video but they fingerprint another car??? This city is twisted

  2. J R says:

    Here’s an idea… DON’T LEAVE YOUR VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR!! Especially visible.

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