Our View of the Times – December 6

On December 6, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The shopping is well underway, and all the presents should be wrapped on time. And once the plans for the big day have been made, don’t forget to slow down, relax and enjoy the holiday season and all the finer things that come with it.

Being with family, friends and loved ones and sharing warmth of the occasion is unquestionably at or near the top of the list of things we like most at this time of year. It’s especially gratifying in a city as fun and heartwarming to be in as ours.

Whatever faith one may adhere to, we can all agree that the spirit of the season can be meaningful to one and all. Kindness, charity and camaraderie are ideals that we particularly embrace at this time, and wish to uphold throughout the year. If we can be firm enough in our convictions to see that through, then our world will be a better place for us all to share.

We try our best, and that is all that can be asked of us.

Let us enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. Exchange our gifts, hug our loved ones, catch up on our big dramatic doings in life, and all the rest. But let us also give a little thought to extending that warmth and sense of solidarity into the year to come.

We may certainly face adversity and disagreement from time to time, but we can hold that spirit of tolerance and magnanimity within ourselves as we deal with it.

We are only human, and often fall short of it. But it is well worth the effort to try.


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