The pen not so mighty after all

On November 8, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

While on patrol of the Mystic River development last week, Somerville Police officers were dispatched to a Memorial Rd. location on reports of a disturbance in progress.

As the officers entered the hallway of Memorial Rd. location, they reportedly heard loud arguing going on in the second floor hallway.

They spotted a man in the second floor hallway, previously known to them as Filsdyn Modan, holding something in his hand while another man was saying, “Come on”.

It was reportedly known to the officers that had a no trespass order against him at that location.

Modan reportedly turned away upon seeing the officers and placed the item he was holding in his pants pocket.

Fearing that this item might be a knife, the officers put Modan into handcuffs for their safety as well as his until they were able to determine what was happening.

The item in Modan’s pocket turned out to be a green colored pen that he was using to assault the victim with.

The victim reportedly told police that he was entering the building when he first saw the Modan in the hallway and asked him if he lived in the building, knowing that he does not.

The victim said that when he attempted to take a picture of Modan with his cell phone to show police, it enraged him and he charged the victim and punched him in the face, knocking out his front tooth.

The victim stated that Modan told him he was going to a friend’s apartment to get a knife. When no one opened the door, Modan reportedly pulled out the pen from his pocket and waved it at the victim in a stabbing type motion, coming only inches away from him.

It was at this point that the police arrived and witnessed the pen in Modan’s extended hand, pointed at the victim in a threatening manner.

Modan was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, to wit a pen; assault and battery; and trespassing.


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