Somerville’s 2017 Municipal Election – Unofficial Results

On November 7, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

— Photo by Donald Norton

By The Somerville Times Staff

The unofficial results of the 2017 Citywide Election in Somerville are as follows:

Incumbent Joseph A. Curtatone prevailed over challenger Payton Corbett to remain mayor of Somerville.

The top vote-getters for Alderman At-Large are Mary Jo Rossetti, Stephanie A. Hirsch, William A. White Jr., and Will Mbah.

The Ward 1 Alderman vote went to Matthew C. McLaughlin, over challenger Elio LoRusso.

In Ward 2, challenger JT Scott defeated incumbent Maryann Heuston for alderman.

Challenger Ben Ewen-Campen won the vote for Ward 3 Alderman, displacing incumbent Robert J. McWatters.

In Ward 4 it was Jesse Clingan over Omar Boukili for ward alderman.

In the School Committee race, Emily Ackman prevailed over opponent Kenneth M. Salvato in Ward 1.

In Ward 2, Dan J. Futrell prevailed over Susan McDonald-Nionakis.

These results do not include absentee, provisional, overseas, or military ballots that will be added to the final counts.

City of Somerville’s unofficial results


Joseph Curtatone  11,464

Payton Corbett  4,196


Alderman at Large

John Connolly    6,966

Mary Jo Rossetti  10, 271

Dennis Sullivan   6,340

Bill White  8,193

Stephanie Hirsch  8,818

Will Mbah   7,899

Kevin Allen Tarpley  184


Ward 1 Alderman

Matt McLaughlin  1,352

Elio LoRusso  613


Ward 2 Alderman

Maryann Heuston  1,044

JT Scott  1,423


Ward 3 Alderman

Bob McWatters  1,195

Ben Ewen-Campen  1,654


Ward 4 Alderman

Omar Boukili  240

Jesse Clingan  1,531


School Committee Ward 1

Emily Ackman  1,190

Kenneth Salvato 622


School Committee Ward 2

Dan Futrell  1,221

Susan McDonald-Nionakis  828


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— Photos by Donald Norton


10 Responses to “Somerville’s 2017 Municipal Election – Unofficial Results”

  1. ovr_taxed says:

    Spanking of McWatters, Heuston, and Connolly prove that old Somerville is dead.This is now Niedergang’s City, and nothing will get done without his block of votes.

  2. Brian says:

    Transient millennials who move here for the coffee shops, road races, and breweries, just showed us who is boss. Power to the people, indeed. Now we will see what the gentrifiers have in store for the rest of us. We’re so grateful that they will explain what Somerville should do to help them. Thank you, Bernie Sanders! You really took a courageous stand for Somerville’s working class. Swing by again!

  3. Downpuppy says:

    Niedergang? Niedergang?!
    He’s the last person I’d have thought of as a coup leader, but geez.
    The much mocked Revolutionaries are in charge
    Reasonably sure there is no Madame Defarge out there for us

  4. Jim G. says:

    Rossetti getting more votes than White, who has to lead her around by the hand procedurally? Some election.

    And Niedergang is quite the lightweight. If he’s leading some revolution it can only be symbolic. This bunch will never get anything substantial done. That will be left to the grownups (*cough* White).

  5. Linda says:

    Cue up Hulk Hogan’s entrance music for Courtney’s return to the ring

  6. Villenous says:

    Yell a lot about “displacement,” displace a crew of longtime, local Aldermen and pretend you don’t get irony. That’s quite a plan they’ve got. I wish them luck, but they’re going to have to work overtime to govern to the left of the people they displaced and we’ll see if they’re anywhere half as good about handling individual issues.

  7. CAP says:

    Everyone who ran on ‘constituent services’ lost. These people didn’t get that most residents in Somerville now have grown up in the Information Age and are used to doing these kind of things for themselves. (Like how no one uses ‘travel agents’ anymore.) They don’t need a $45K a year alderman to make a phone call to DPW for them – they can do that themselves.

    Every now and again, a resident may want someone to deal with some City bureaucracy issue for them or pull some weight when they’re getting brushed off by some City Hall hack. But for the most part, they are looking for reps who will take on a lot bigger issues than broken tree limbs and a rat in the their trash barrel.

    That’s why the ‘activists’ swept house.

  8. yetanotherposter says:

    I think CAP means “the candidate who ran on ‘constituent services’ lost” – spoken from the vantage point of one who can only be clueless about what a ward alderman actually does and the limitations of the “Information Age”.

    “go tweet your problem, I’m too busy championing national causes and complaining about the laws of supply and demand to attend to the simple needs of 99% of the folks who contact me about something” will not cut it.

    In the case of the particular alderman you’re referring to, “constituent services” has meant addressing the needs of his constituents (catchy, isn’t it?). But hey – if you want to show off your Information Age prowess & rely on a tweet to address your problems with crime, traffic calming, scumbag developers, non-scumbag developers, effects of city work, road conditions, traffic safety, effects of zoning changes on your neighborhood, desires re commercial / residential / affordable / greenspace configuration of union square, or just complain about something that’s bothering you & expect it to reach someone who actually gives a crap then I’m all with you bro.

    I guess that’s why the ‘activists’ picked up 3 seats in the house.

  9. ritepride says:

    Let’s see the newly elected activists do the right thing. Let their first vote be to reduce the full time pay raise back to where it should be ($20k/yr)
    the part time rate. Also since this new computer age does not need BOA to call various city agencies for constituents issues, it makes their job even less work, thus what it is, a part time job.

    Free Advice to 2018 BOA… Unfortunately GPS is not going to help you on your votes. It may help if the IRS and/or FBI is coming to visit you.

    Well this is what you get with low voter turnout. Tufts did not activate their SVTT (baph/abah) Student Vote Twice Team (ballot at polls here / absentee ballot at home) Let’s see what the citizenry will do with result of new BOA groups actions; Applause/Impeachment, Accolades/Indictments.

    There is talk of a future Hydrant Tax Hizoner will propose. Should be coming up for a vote. No justification for said Hydrant tax/fee. Just another double jeopardy against the tax/rent payers by the mayor. Don’t see him hitting the developers with a fee for placing additional hydrants on to our existing system. For decades the Fire and Water Depts. have tested and maintained the fire hydrants.

    BOA should mandate that any new development that includes new streets within the development, said roadways/streets are declared private ways. That way the city is not responsible for sewer/water pipes, hydrants, paving, plowing, etc. and before any developments are approved the developers are required to maintain there roadways
    to meet the same standard of city streets/roadways. I.e. No more Assembly Row ripoffs of Somerville tax/rent payers.

    Well to those who will be leaving the BOA. Thank you. You have worked hard for your constituents. Addressing tree limbs so that they do not fall upon children walking to school, neighborhoods with rats that could bite the children ARE PRIORITY ONE IMPORTANT! The braintrusts that do not think so, need to stop toking up or guzzling it down.

  10. Craig says:

    This revolution would have failed if the Bernie Sanders endorsement never happened. All these candidates needed the big event in order to win. Good luck to ward 2 with your lame duck alderman that will be forced to recuse himself whenever Union Square is discussed.

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