In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we invite the Somerville community to come together for a solidarity vigil on Wednesday evening, August 16. Join the City of Somerville, Temple B’nai Brith, the Somerville Human Rights Commission, and Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church in honoring those lost and injured, denouncing hate and intolerance, and standing in solidarity with those who share our values of diversity and inclusivity. The vigil will start at 6 p.m. in Statue Park (the main plaza) in Davis Square. Brief remarks will be provided by Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz, Rev. Alan Fairfax, Mayor Joe Curtatone, Board of Aldermen President Bill White, and others.


7 Responses to “Our Ville Stands with Your Ville: Charlottesville Vigil, Aug. 16, Davis Sq.”

  1. PeterH says:

    We might wonder how the Mayor is dealing with the social media
    storm of interest about whether Fuzzy Balls of Intention had been
    chasing him around in the past after a story surfaced in another
    Somerville paper and was picked up by a second in Boston. Who
    saw that coming? So will the Mayor address this at some point?
    He’s at this vigil for Charlottsville, so ask him if you so desire. He’s
    still employed by your tax dollars, and is accountable to you, and
    being the Mayor to all of us.

  2. Dan says:

    Would this be the complaint made by an ex con in a rag newspaper that was shredded by The Dig? Shut up Peter and go back to the uk.

  3. PeterH says:

    Dan, nope, not my country. Which hole can you go back to?
    Get with the program. The social media storm gets focus to the
    Dig and its own Somerville Files from recent years, the FRIT
    decision, and other aspects of mayoral politics which have no
    democracy in them. 1 mayor with lots of power and 11 BOA
    members with little power doesn’t make for a good relationship.
    The millennial group – a major section of social media – don’t vote
    much in local elections, but they might vote more if storms on
    social media get them interested. It’s only one step further from
    seeing “shredded rag complaints” to asking other questions about
    a person’s colorful past. Most mud and dirt comes off with things
    like this, but not all of it. And, Dan, good luck with ex cons out there,
    as it looks like you said they should keep quiet also. So much for
    serving time and getting a fresh start, huh?

  4. Matt says:

    Dan, the Dig did a great job of debunking the conspiracy laden blog post Peter describes. The problem is made up “storms” are nothing but… what do the alt right wing nuts over there call it… oh.. the “storms” are just nothingburgers. While I am sure our city has its own share of corruption and cronyism we have seen pretty good results over the past 15 years, lots of new businesses, improving schools and increased property values for all the old timers who are banking on being able to retire off their home plus property tax deferrals for folks who want to age in place without having to worry about the impact of those increased property tax values.

    What is not a nothingburger is a any leader who does not immediately denounce neo-nazis and the people who want to join them in carrying torches and marching around cities. You can talk about people who use violence to deliver or denounce a message, we all agree that behavior like that should not be tolerated… But come on… we are taking about neo freaking nazis.

    So thank you to all the people that came out to stand in solidarity with people who stand against neo-nazis and the alt-right, who say they will not stand by complacently as hate groups march through their streets or drive cars into them. These groups, like thier kin who drove a car into crowds on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, terrorists.

  5. Believer in the Constitution says:

    A good post by PeterH.

  6. Wayan Effington says:

    Ugh! Leave it to our own local basket of deplorables to hijack this sad story to push their self-serving anti-mayor agenda. Shameful and embarrassing, but really – not unexpected. That’s the mentality we have to deal with until they’re driven back into their hiding places – like switching on the kitchen light and watching the cockroaches scatter. Let’s just leave the light on, shall we?

  7. Harry Palmer says:

    Yeah it looks like the paid disinfo trolls are back. They usually scatter when the lights come on. Well it looks like the regime is about to crack wide open and crumble leaving plenty of rubble for them to hide under. Could be days away or even minutes. Interesting times indeed.

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