Lyrical Somerville – June 7

On June 7, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Sebastian Lockwood is a Storyteller who specializes in the epics and has narrated a series of audio books available at and  Lockwood lives with his wife, singer and producer, Nanette Perrotte, under Crotched Mountain, NH.

Sebastian Lockwood

The middle C of the mind


Within the warm hum of the hive

The drone flies a winged work horse

With a will in the wind to find the Queen

And die in an ecstasy of delivery

An action in the will mind

Within the perfect hive will

A hexagram mind: oh sister, sister,

More royal jelly for sister Queen.

Now you have found the seventh side

The middle C of the mind

The solar flare across the universe

And the twin sisters: silence and solitude.


— Sebastian Lockwood



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