Two phones to go from Dunkin’s

On April 27, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant on Elm St. last week on reports of a larceny.

Upon arrival, the officers spoke with the alleged victim who reportedly told them that he had set down two phones, an Apple iPhone 7 Plus and a Google Pixel, on a table and stepped away for a few minutes. During the time that the victim was away from the table and his phones, two females and a male, later identified as the suspects, approached the table where the phones were, sat down at the adjacent table, and looked at both phones a few times.

One of the females reportedly sat down at the adjacent table and set aside a walker. The other female sat down across from her.

Accompanying both women was the defendant, later identified as Roderick St. Rose, who sat at the table with the phones.

At one point, it appears as if both of the females point to the security camera that captures the entire incident. After a few minutes, the second female reportedly got up and walked a few feet away from the table, looked around, and then returned to the table.

According to reports, St. Rose then grabbed both cell phones and exited the restaurant out onto Elm Street.

The two females then got up and began to make their way out as well, just as the victim returned to the table and noticed that his phones are missing. The victim briefly interacted with women before they exited the store. It is then that the victim called 911 to report his stolen phones.

The officers, upon viewing this on the security footage, put out an alert for the three suspects while they searched the area on foot.

The victim was asked if he was able to ping the phone and he was able to. The iPhone was pinging to a Green St. location in Cambridge. The officers then notified Cambridge Police of the incident and gave them descriptions of two women and St. Rose, along with the approximate location of where the iPhone was currently pinging.

A few minutes later, Cambridge Police officers were able to locate one of the women and St. Rose at Green St. As the Somerville officers made their way to the Green St. area, they reportedly spotted the other female suspect at the corner of Chester and Cottage Avenue. The officers exited the cruiser to stop her for questioning.

Other officers arrived at the Green St. location and identified St. Rose and his female companion as the suspects from the security footage.

During a search of both parties, Cambridge was able to locate the Google Pixel but not the iPhone. The victim was called and asked to ping the phone again and it was still showing Green St. as its current location. After being read his Miranda Warning, St. Rose was asked where the iPhone was. St. Rose reportedly kept telling police that he bought the Google phone from someone at a bar and that he did not have any other phones.

St. Rose was then shown photos taken from the security footage of him and the two women sitting at the table with the phones.

Finally, St. Rose reportedly admitted to taking the phones and told us that the iPhone was hidden in a grey knit cap in the driveway of a Green St. residence.

St. Rose was placed in handcuffs and advised that he was under arrest for larceny over $250 and conspiracy. The two women were informed that they would be summoned on charges of conspiracy.

St. Rose was subsequently transported to the Somerville Police Department for booking.

After clearing the Cambridge location, both phones were returned to the victim


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