Lyft driver needed a lift

On March 3, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

While on patrol, westbound on Washington St., a police officer took note of a car parked at the rear of the Somerville No Touch Car Wash.

Taking a closer look, the officer noticed that the driver of the car, a male later identified as Daniel Graham, of Burlington, appeared to be reclining back in the driver’s seat sleeping.

As the officer approached, Graham reportedly started the vehicle and began backing up towards him. Fearing that he was going to be struck by the vehicle, he yelled for Graham to stop, which he did.

Before questioning Graham, the officer noted that he was moving around the interior of the car erratically and seemed to be focusing his attention on the center console.

The officer asked Graham what he was doing in the back of the car wash. He reportedly stated that he was cleaning his vehicle because he is a Lyft driver. The officer told Graham that when he drove by he was sleeping, and that he was there to check on his wellbeing.

Graham was ordered out of the car and told to place his hands on the roof of the vehicle as the officer pat frisked him.

Graham reportedly kept removing his hands from the roof of the vehicle and reaching for his pockets, so the officer asked Graham why he was so nervous and if there was anything in the vehicle or on his person that he should know about.

Graham reportedly answered, “No,” but a search of the vehicle’s console turned up a glass pipe with burned residue around the edges and a vial that appeared to contain crystal meth.

Graham was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with possession of a class B drug.


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