Our endorsements for the November 3 election

On October 28, 2015, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


In the Ward 1 School Committee race, we endorse and hope you vote for School Committeeman Steve Roix, who was first appointed to the position after a long search by the School Board, and we think they got it right on picking Steve. He’s a family man, with his kids being in the system. Before being on the Board he was very active in the schools. Steve lives with his family on Pinckney Street, is a homeowner and someone who fits into the community. We have watched him on the Board and we hear nothing but positive comments regarding his tenure there. He listens to the concerns of both parents and homeowners alike. We think he deserves a chance at being re-elected and hope you see that as well.

For the Ward 3 School Committee race, we endorse and also hope you choose Lee Erica Palmer for the seat left open by retiring Adam Sweeting. Lee has been very active in the community here in Somerville for several years. She is an attorney who has worked in civil rights cases and has worked in the community since she made it her home. She is a parent living in Spring Hill. Lee has taught school, in particular high school, so she’s aware of the needs of students and teachers. We think her credentials speak for themselves. She’s more than qualified to be on the School Board and we hope you agree with us.

In the Ward 4 School Committee race, we endorse and hope you agree that Jamie O’Leary, running for the Ward 4 seat being vacated by present member Christine Rafael who is retiring, is the right choice. She is married and is currently a homeowner in Winter Hill with her husband. She comes from a family of educators growing up in NYC. Jamie herself taught here in the Somerville Public Schools for about five years and is currently employed as an educator. She has a Masters of Education degree in Special Education. She’s very personable and, according to her information, is someone who will listen to all sides of the issues presented by students, teachers and taxpayers before making her decisions. We hope you consider her for your vote on Election Day.

There is only one alderman ward seat open with two candidates competing, and that is in Ward 6. We endorse and hope the residents of Ward 6 agree that a different kind of candidate in Elizabeth Weinbloom should be considered for your vote. Although it is an uphill battle against her opponent, who is endorsed by the established politicians, we think she should be given consideration for your vote. Although Weinbloom is not a longtime resident and onlyfairly recently moved to Somerville, we think she would represent a new blood on the present Board of Aldermen. We personally met her only recently and found her views to be consistent with what an alderman’s job is and that’s constituent’s services. She works from home as a writer and can devote a lot of time to the issues of Ward 6 and the city as a whole. We hope you consider her for your vote on Tuesday. Vote for Elizabeth Weinbloom for Ward 6 Alderman.

There are basically only five candidates running, four incumbents and one challenger for citywide Alderman At Large race, in which you can vote for any four of the five running. Only the top votes received will be re-elected or elected. In the past, there would be double-digit candidates running for Alderman At Large, but recently there has been very little activity in the city. So we’re going to do something different. This year we’re going to endorse them all and, of course, it’s your vote for which of the four you like.

William A. White Jr., who is currently the President of the Board of Alderman and who has been re-elected President several years, gets our endorsement because of his knowledge of rules and is one who knows how to be the person who can expedite the meetings. One thing you have to hand to Bill is his uncanny way sometimes of seeing the bigger picture and knowing how to get answers. Bill knows how to ask those questions that some might not get and see the bigger picture better than most. Bill White’s experience on the board and his being able to address the real issues of what is going on in the city is one of the reasons he’s been called the so-called brains of the Board of Aldermen. We support him and endorse Bill White for one of your four votes for At Large.

John M. “Jack” Connolly Jr. is also an incumbent Alderman At large. Jack is friendly to everyone on all sides. He’s been a fixture on the Board for many years and he certainly knows the issues. As of now he is, we believe, the longest serving alderman on the Board. He’s a local businessman in Davis Square, where he runs an insurance agency. He knows the issues, no matter what is going on, and is probably already there on the job, getting answers to the problems. Jack is a born and raised guy who has devoted his entire life to the City of Somerville, going back to the 1970’s when he worked under the Ralph Administration. He works well throughout the city, but his main base would be Davis Square, since that’s home to Jack. He’s a good person and we think he’s an example of what an alderman should be. We hope you consider him for one of your four votes for Alderman At Large.

Dennis Michael Sullivan is also another incumbent Alderman At Large. He’s the one alderman we noticed over the years who, if he has issues with something, he’s on top of it and wants answers. Dennis originally started out on the School Board and jumped over to the alderman’s seat many years ago. He’s well known throughout the city for getting the job done. Dennis is also widely known for holding “Office Hours” at various locations throughout the city, several times a year, right out there meeting the residents of the city. It’s a practice that Dennis has been doing for several years and it’s actually a popular thing with a lot of locals, both old and new.

Mary Jo Rossetti first served with distinction on the School Board, representing Ward 7 for about 10 years. She then ran for the Alderman At Large seat and was elected. Mary Jo is an outspoken, creative and very hands-on type of alderman. She knows the issues and she is not afraid to tackle some of the biggest ones. One example is the Logan Airport runway that causes everyone headaches with very low  flights directed over our city. Mary Jo has made it a cause to get them to reroute the flights. We have met with and seen Mary Jo in action in the city since she’s been on the Board and, frankly, we’re impressed with her dedication to the job and therefore we hope you consider her for one of your four votes next week.

The only opposition in the race is Sean Fitzgerald. Sean is the one challenger seeking to gain one of the four seats on the Alderman At Large, and we support and endorse him. Fitzgerald is a fighter and he’s really into what is going on in the city. He’s knowledgeable about the city as a whole. Sean lives in West Somerville with his family as a homeowner and he participates in many local organizations. Sean has the credentials to do a great job once he’s elected to the Board. He worked for former Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay, and she endorses him in the race. He even worked for former Senator Charlie Shannon as his aide. Sean Fitzgerald is certainly well known and well versed in the issues, and we know he’s a fighter. He listens to people, he has an open mind on various sides of issues, and he will fight for all of us. We hope you choose Sean for one of your four votes.


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