Our View of the Times – March 25

On March 25, 2015, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

powderhouse_viewSo, we may still be shaking off our boots and rooftops after the record (and back) breaking winter storms that plagued our fair dominion over the past several weeks, but it’s still nice to know that springtime has officially arrived. We anxiously await the final thaw and balmier days ahead.

One of the finer benefits of New England living is standing witness to the massive explosion of nature’s rebirth and renewal, seemingly amplified here. Grass, trees, wildlife and flowers seems to go forth and multiply at an astounding rate, as if on cue to the call for “Action!”

How nice it will be to stroll through a park and feed a few squirrels. To replant a garden plot and watch as life springs forth. Or to take the family on a weekend getaway to the beach or mountains.

The seasonal cycle brings its highs and lows. Its pleasures and its challenges. We evolved as creatures in sync with that cycle, so we know how to adapt and make the most out of each day on the calendar. Still, most of us would surely confess to a few choice dates to name as our favorites, if pushed to ‘fess up.

As much as so many of us love our winter scenery, sports, etc., there is so much to be said for being able to step out one’s front door without danger of slipping and busting a hip. Not to mention the simple pleasure of soaking up some sun and taking in fine fragrance of life anew.

We’ve really got it made, so let’s get out there and start loving us some spring.


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