Somerville pair nabbed for stealing rims

On August 4, 2010, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By George P. Hassett

A criminal couple was arrested July 27 after they allegedly stole four tire rims from a pick-up truck.

Sherri Goode, 28, and Francois St. Brice, 30, both of 8 Vermont Ave., were seen driving slowly down Somerville Avenue as Goode leaned out the passenger window and looked into parked vehicles , police said.

St. Brice approached a parked truck and removed four rims out of the bed of the truck, police said. The rims were valued at $2,000, police said.

A sharp-eyed witness called police and directed officers around the corner where St. Brice drove, police said.

Officers stopped St. Brice and Goode a short distance away and could clearly see the stolen rims in the backseat, police said. When asked what he was doing with the rims, St. Brice allegedly gave vague and nonsensical answers.

The witness allegedly told police when he saw Brice and Goode, “Yes that is the guy and the girl and that’s the truck they were in.”

They were both arrested and charged with using a motor vehicle in a larceny and larceny over $250.


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