He got the prescription from ‘a guy’

On July 11, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were called to a Highland Ave. location last Friday after receiving reports that a man was seen selling pills there.

As they arrived, officers noticed that the man, identified as Christopher Macinnes, 32, of Medford, was having trouble standing as he rose from the bench that he had been sitting on.

As soon as Macinnes saw the officers approaching him he reportedly threw his arms in the air and began shouting expletives, according to police.

The officers told Macinnes that they were there to check on his condition and that they were told he had been selling pills at this location.

Macinnes again became excited, according to reports, and told officers that he had a prescription and that the pills he had were not illegal.

When asked if he could be more specific about his prescription, Macinnes reportedly said, “Colonadine.”

Police asked if, for the officers’ safety, they could pat frisk him, he reportedly consented.

At this time, a pill bottle was located on Macinnes’ person, as well as a small knotted plastic bag containing what officers believed was heroin.

Macinnes reportedly became very defensive and at that point was placed into handcuffs for safety reasons.

The contents of the medicine bottle consisted of 51 pills marked “Aylan 152.” As the pills were discovered Macinnes reportedly began shouting, “Those are mine, I need them.” When asked if he had a prescription for the pills Macinnes told the officers that he got them from “a guy.”

Macinnes was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a class A drug and possession of a class B drug.


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