Alleged assault victim knew his rights

On July 9, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were dispatched to a Dartmouth St. location in the early morning hours of July 6 on reports of a disturbance in the street.

Upon arrival, officers found two men in the street arguing with one another. A woman was additionally present.

The officers moved in to try to calm the situation, but one of the men, Mateus Sathler, 19, was highly agitated, according to reports, and complained to officers that he had been struck in the face by the other man.

The officers reportedly noted that there appeared to me no signs of injury on Sathler’s face.

The woman present was the mother of the other man involved in the incident. She reportedly told police that the two men were friends, but that an argument had broken out between them, which had escalated to the point that they began shouting at each other in the street.

According to reports, the disturbance had awakened a number of area residents, some of whom came outside to learn what was happening.

The officers requested that the involved parties part company and go home, at which time the mother and son did so. Sathler, however, reportedly continued to shout at his friend as well as police and would not leave.

The officers advised Sathler that he could go to court and file a complaint for assault, but Sathler reportedly kept talking over the officers, unwilling to listen to what they had to say, police said.

Sathler was again asked to lower his voice and leave the area. He reportedly refused to leave, telling the officers, “I’m not leaving until you give me my space.”

He was asked one final time to quiet down and leave but only responded by saying, “I’ll leave when you leave, I know my rights.”

Sathler was then placed under arrest and charged with disturbing the peace.


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