Tractor-trailer gets caught in power lines

On March 24, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


~Photos by Bobbie Toner

— Photos by Bobbie Toner

A tractor-trailer got snagged on low hanging power lines on Packard Avenue early Monday afternoon. The driver was not injured, although the accident did knock out power in the area and led to the road being closed for several hours.

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  1. ritepride says:

    Yes shortly after Noon time till about 820 pm Somerville Ward 7 residents in this near vicinity were without power. You can see the direction the truck was coming from (Tufts) down Packard Ave heading toward Powderhouse Blvd., bet if the Bill of Lading (truckers delivery papers) were checked that you would see a drop off was made at one of the Tufts bldgs.

    I have lived on the Blvd since 1959 and even before that time Powderhouse Blvd has always had signs warning that No Truck Traffic is (other than to resident deliveries on the street) is allowed.

    One party stated that maybe it was not so, which is incorrect, it has been grandfathered for decades and worn signage has historically always been replaced. Yet you can be out there and see tractor trailer trucks for Walgreen, Coke, Beer Distributors, even fully loaded new car carriers as well as rubbish “container” trucks traveling the boulevard constantly.

    It it time for the city to post large additional signage warning trucks at Curtis St & Broadway, Top Curtis St @ Medford Line, Curtis St @ Professors Row (directing trucks over to College Ave., Broadway & Packard Ave., Packard Ave @ Professors Row, Packard Ave. @ Talbot Ave. as well as along the boulevard at intersection points.

    Then place the same extra effort by Somerville Police for violators that was put into place for the solar stop signs at Powdehouse Blvd/Packard Ave for Tufts. Let’s use the taxpayers dollars for the taxpayers.

  2. j. connelly says:

    G.a.w.w.l.e.e……. Truck Co = Duie Pyly (Pile) has to be related to Gomer as he drives like Gomer speaks…hyuk..hyuk.

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