A fight to the finish

On January 15, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were dispatched to the vicinity of Madison and School Streets last Sunday evening on reports of two men fighting in the street.

Upon arrival, police reportedly found two males standing in the middle of the street but they were not observed fighting at that time.

One of the two men had ripped sweat pants and the other was searching the ground for something, according to reports.

When asked what the man was looking for he reportedly told officers that he had lost an earring and that he and his friend were searching for it.

They were also asked if there had been any fighting going on, and both men reportedly said that there had not been. When asked how the earring became missing neither of the individuals offered an explanation.

One of the men, Micalo Simon, 20, was asked by the officers to remove his hand from his pocket but reportedly refused to do so.

Simon was once again asked to remove his hand from his pocket and to provide identification to the officers but again refused, telling them that he knew his rights and that he did not have to show them identification, police said.

Police then reportedly informed Simon that he was not free to leave and that they had received multiple reports that fighting had been going on at that location.

Simon began walking away while shouting, according to reports, and one of the officers followed, telling him to stop. Simon reportedly began running, still shouting at the officers.

The officers gave chase on foot and eventually caught up with Simon about 50 yards away from the initial point of contact.

Simon reportedly resisted the officers’ attempts to detain him, but he was eventually placed in handcuffs and held at the scene, despite continuously struggling to break free, police said.

The other individual was allowed to leave the scene after police questioning.

Simon was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He reportedly thrashed about inside the police transport vehicle and shouted, all the way to jail.

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