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On October 30, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Don’t forget the elections are next Tuesday, November 5 here in Somerville, and although not every ward is having a contest, the At Large race has seven candidates, so read their resumes (websites) and make good decisions. You can vote for one or any four candidates for At Large. We suggest checking out the sites of Mary Jo Rossetti, Sean Fitzgerald, Willie Medeiros and Carol Dempkowski. All four are seeking the office for the first time and deserve at least a look and maybe your consideration.  Remember, change isn’t so bad, and if we leave our vote to someone else we shouldn’t complain. So drag out all you know and vote on Tuesday. Go to for the location of your polling place.


Come to see the 2nd annual Latin Food and Local Brews, this Saturday, November 2, 3:00–10:00 p.m. at the Somerville Armory ( It’s the best small beer festival in Boston with over 15 local craft beers and local restaurants in attendance. There are two sessions: 3-6 and 7-10 p.m. Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite now. Casa Connection’s 2nd Annual Latin Foods & Local Brews takes place at the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, highlighting and promoting local brewers of craft beer, mead, artisan beverage makers, and Latin food vendors.


Happy Birthday this week to some of our Villens both here and there: Big HB to our good friend and a great guy, Dick Hart, of the famous Winter Hill Harts. He and Mary raised 10 kids. They literally have a small nation of family members. Also this week, to our good friend Clifton Verdieu, who is a local RE agent and a very nice guy. HB to Barry Rollins, who works down at Green Cab. We wish him the best. Alderman at Large Dennis Sullivan celebrates this week as well, recently endorsed by the Sierra Club of Massachusetts. He’s running for re-election to the Board of Alderman. Our good friend of the Times Tim Gager is celebrating this coming Sunday. We wish him well. What a nice guy, and a not so bad a poet and writer either.


What’s with everyone going in to have day surgery? Our good friend, and a great lawyer by the way, Mike Dwyer was in and out of the hospital over the weekend for surgery on his rotor cup. He’s a trooper. He was back at work on Monday. A great guy. Last week we told you about another good friend, Paula Clark, who was in surgery on her elbow on Friday as well. She’s doing good and is back home. FYI, Paula was once one of the Hilltop announcers “Kansas City number 66!” We saw Rick Willette working hard on Saturday and he told us he was doing well with the 18 or so stitches in his arm.


Remember, this week Thursday, October 31 is Halloween. Please be careful of the kids on the street, darting in and out between cars. We wouldn’t want any tragic accidents out there because of rushing home or elsewhere.


It’s a nice thing the city did this past Saturday with the dedication of the “Founders Rink” on Somerville Avenue. The five gentleman instrumental in having it named after their hard work were all dedicated Villens and we’re sure the many kids using the rink over the coming years will read the plaque and hopefully understand what dedication is all about.    We salute the many who showed up, the family and friends of Raymond Deeran, John Doncaster, George Hughes, Joseph Guidi and James Papaluca. It was a nice tribute to these fine men. Just some more of Somerville heroes being recognized for a job well done.


While we’re at it, one of the speakers at the rink’s dedication was none other than former Ward One Alderman and now US army Colonel Richard Johnson. It was so nice seeing him at the dedication in full uniform and listening to the inspiring speech he gave for all who were present. We can be very proud of a lot of people who are from here. He’s still here and raising his family here, and we salute him for his service. He’s a real nice guy. Thank him for his service when you see him.


We see that candidate for School Committee Member in Ward Five Laura J. Pitone has been working hard to fill the vacant seat. She has been knocking on doors and it looks like she is going to win this coming Tuesday. She has garnered many letters of endorsement, which normally we here at the Times wouldn’t print, but an endorsement from Mary Fleming on Highland Road is well noted. Mary is one of the nicest, sincerest people around. Despite her husband’s venture into politics, Mary has stayed away from it, except now she wrote a very nice letter in support of Laura and we just had to say something about it. Another lady we noticed who wrote a letter (there were many others) was Celia Taylor, former School Committee Member, a nice lady, and wife of retiring Tom Taylor. She recently retired from school work down at the Healey and wrote a very nice letter for Laura. Two ladies’ testimonials amongst the many letters of support of which we know she got from hard work and persistence. We think Laura will do an awesome job on the School Board. By the way, we like many others here in the city are big fans of Celia and Mary. If you don’t know them meet them and find out for yourself.


Remember, we told you months ago that Patsy’s Bakery was shutting down. No one wanted to believe it, but speculators and local commercial real estate people are making this happen. What a loss for the community. Hopefully, with the developer proposing to build 19 units on the spot (yes, that’s 19 units), Patsy’s will go back on the street level or somewhere close by, but that remains to be seen. East Somerville is looked upon as a cash register, but it’s the zoning changes that have been recently made that allows this to happen, and not in other areas with the same square footage as Patsy’s Bakery and the house next door owned by the bakery owners.


One more great eyesore has been demolished. It was an ugly idea when it was first built but we’re glad it’s gone now. It was known as the Somerville Incinerator, or most recently as the Transfer Station in an apparent attempt to give it a good name. What an ugly welcome sign coming in from McGrath it was, and now is gone for good, to become just a bad memory. Remember the smell way back in the 60’s and 70’s? All over Lower Washington Street and Brick bottom. That whole area is changing. Does anyone remember Table Talk pies and the bread company down there?


Back by popular demand: Somerville Adult Evening School at Somerville High School. Why not give the gift of education and enjoyment, a class for the holidays? Reward yourself and consider taking a class with a friend. Courses include a 5 week Drivers Ed for the teen in your life. Classes run for 10 weeks, on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. and include: Ballroom Dancing, Zumba, Sewing, Knitting, Choral Workshop and show tunes for the American Idle’s. Also take Jewelry Making, Pastels or Watercolor Art and Acrylic Painting, Computers, Culinary, How to Manage Multi Family Homes, Casting and Mold-making, Furniture Making, beginner Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, French and ESL (English as a Second Language). Or if you already speak another language, why not consider The Art of Medical Interpretation. New Resume and Professional strategies, Real Estate Licensing, Know Your Legal Rights (A DIY dealing with Civil or Criminal Issues), Hypnotherapy or YOGA at a bargain. Pick up course catalog at any school, library or coffee shops while they last. Register in person at SHS or online. Contact: Principal Sophia Carafotes @617-628-2594 or register now online at with your credit card at:


7 Responses to “Newstalk – October 30”

  1. Steve Keenan says:

    I’m glad to hear that Rick Willette is coming along fine-he’s a great guy. And thanks to former Alderman Rich Johnson for his service to our country. He is another great guy. Rick and Rich are two of Somerville’s best.

  2. Joanne says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. No matter how much Patsy’s wants to stay, and how much we all want it to stay (the last remaining bakery in the city!). We all know that the rent in the new building will be much higher, and probably unaffordable, what with competing with Stop and Shop. Also, they will have to move/store/sell their equipment, then re-install. Sadly, just not likely. Thanks to all those who think Somerville is great because it is hip and has street festivals. It was hip because of places like Patsy’s.

  3. samira says:

    I live in Ward 5 and I take issue with someone running to represent Ward 5 when she doesn’t send her kids to school there. She sends them to the Healey School. What is wrong with Ward 5, if she truly wants to represent them? She is a Choice parent, and if elected, she will make the majority of the Board Choice parents. These people don’t represent their wards, they represent their own programs.

  4. ritepride says:

    “Joanne” is correct…many places, not just Somerville, that are forced to move out, do not come back. The Turkey Farm in NH said they would re-open, they did not. Similar with Jimmy’s Harborside and others. With new developer$ comes the greed that makes it impossible for original businesses to return. Its not just the businesses but the jobs lost too.

    Cannot crow about Assembly Row when you think of the taxes, jobs, etc lost due to delay, inaction and Mystic View and yet the rush to get those existing businesses, (Central Steel, Good Times, Green Cab, Electrical Supply, etc.) out, only to have vacant dustbowls exist for a long time and FRIT got the honey deal$ from the mayor. It is reported that one of the MV originators doesnt even live in the city anymore. The Incinerator may be gone but the political stench will remain in this city till the feds come in.

  5. MarketMan says:

    Oh No! When is Patsy’s closing?? I was hoping to order a few pies from them for Thanksgiving.

  6. MarketMan says:

    OOps… I’m getting Petsy Pies confused with Patsy’s Bakery.

  7. Rich says:

    Patsys – ” (the last remaining bakery in the city!)”

    Don’t forget about Lyndells

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