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On October 23, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Candidate for Alderman in Ward One Matt McLaughlin is having a rally tonight, Wednesday, October 23 at the Mt. Vernon Restaurant, lower Broadway, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Join Mayor Joe Curtatone, current Ward One Alderman Maureen Bastardi, incumbent Ward Six alderman Rebekah Gewirtz and many more as they make the final push to elect Matt McLaughlin for Ward One Alderman. Matt surprised everyone in Ward One with his more than easy win in the recent primary elections. He faces candidate Elio LoRusso on November 5, Election Day.


This Saturday night, October 26, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Somerville Veterans Memorial Skating Rink on Somerville Avenue, the 2nd Annual LGBT Halloween Skate Night will take place. All ages are welcome. Costume prizes will be awarded. $10 covers admission, and skate rental is free. From those that attended last year’s event, the word is they really enjoyed themselves. Everyone is welcomed to come and have fun.


A fundraiser will be held this Friday night, October 25 from 7 p.m.- midnight, for Patricia (Tricia) McCollem Pimentel at the Somerville City Club. As many people may or may not know, Tricia is fighting Breast Cancer for the third time. Her family and friends will be hosting a fundraiser to help her and her family with financial obligations and medical expenses. 500 tickets will be sold in advance at $20. These tickets will automatically be entered in a raffle where 50% goes to Tricia and 50% is divided in to prizes as follows: (2) $1,000 and (6) $500 prizes. You don’t need to be present to win. If tickets are not purchased in advance there is a $10 admission fee. Tickets purchased at the door will not be added to the raffle. There will be food, music and several different raffles. The organizer hopes to see as many faces as possible at an event aimed at supporting such a strong woman. If you or anyone you may know would like to donate anything for the event please contact Michelle DaSilva at


Last week we mentioned a rumor flying around about a disturbance down at the Police Station with one of the officers. Well, this week we heard more about the rumor and who was involved, and now we hear that the police officer involved is on leave pending an investigation. We heard that a city official came into the station and was simply asking for information at the booth out in the lobby when the officer came out from behind counter and immediately shouted at the official. We also heard that the official was stunned by this officer’s behavior. That would be interesting tape to rewind if it happened in the lobby of the station (we assume the station has cameras). Now, we only know this from various sources, but the question here is don’t the police work for the city residents, its taxpayers? And don’t residents deserve better than being verbally abused or harassed by our police officers? We think this kind of behavior from our Police Department is uncalled for, if this did happen. Don’t you agree?


While we are at it about the Police Station and questionable officers, how about a certain officer who was fired for a drug situation under a previous administration, and after a long time of appealing he gets back on duty? For a few years now. Well, this officer (we’ll leave his name out for now) has a reputation of trying to intimidate certain residents here in the city. When actual proof was presented to the Police Department he was reprimanded (so the person was told), and that certain officer is still out there as of the other day, trying to intimidate and harass the same people. We were told here at Newstalk that the officer’s demeanor and history has been collected very carefully with dates and incidents and is going to be turned over to higher authorities if he doesn’t stop the harassment. What do you think about the actions of a police officer behaving this way? Better yet, should the Somerville Police Department’s many respectable and fine officers be subjected to these small few who give a black eye to the department as a whole?


Caroline Shea-Rosas, who recently lost the primary race in the Ward Five School Committee, ran as a real trouper. Besides being a nice lady with a growing family here in the city, she is disappointed that she lost the primary, but she has moved on and has endorsed Ross Richmond in the final election. Ross is a good guy, a new comer to the city but he comes from a teaching family and in conversation with him, you’ll agree he’s a nice person that doesn’t sound like the usual politician. Caroline has made a wise choice here in her endorsement.


This Saturday also is the St. Clements (4-1 record) vs. Marian (3-3) football game at Dilboy Field. Starting time is 4:30 p.m.


Last week we congratulated Mike Browne and his lovely wife Annmarie on their anniversary, but we forgot to mention that two of their closest friends, Steve and Sheila MacEachern, also celebrated their wedding anniversary on same day. Also, a mistake was made last week with Mike Browne as well. The correct name for his new Facebook page is “Views of Historic Somerville.” So, if you’re on Facebook and are a true Villen at heart (EC residents that wannabe Villens excluded), you are encouraged to like the page and learn more about our fine city. Mike has a vast knowledge of historic points of interest and political facts regarding Somerville. Maybe we can convince him to write about some of them? Who knows, maybe?


Happy Birthday this week here and around the Ville with some of our fans. First of all, a lovely lifelong resident celebrates this week, Hope August. As everyone knows, she is a nice lady who, by the way, teaches Zumba up at the high school. She’s also retired now from the city, but looks great. A big Happy Birthday to Hope. It’s a big week here. Well known real estate guy here in the city, Donald Norton, is celebrating, along with Marie Civello on the same day. A nice lady, always around Ball Square. Best wishes to our own Harry Kane, who is celebrating this week as well. Happy Birthday to Donny Ostler from the Ville. Also from the Ville is Corey McGlashing, who goes to SHS.


“Introduction to Horror Make-up” is being offered this Saturday, the 26th, at the Arts at the Armory on Highland Avenue, from 2 to 5 p.m. Just in time for Halloween. Learn the expert art of monster making by turning yourself into a zombie! Great for Halloween costuming, haunted houses, and horror movies. This Halloween forget the cheap mask. Learn some of the tricks of special effects makeup to turn yourself into a monster. You’ll learn the various tools most commonly used in makeup design, the various types of makeup and how to use them to their best effects, shortcuts used by professional artist to make realistic scars, cheap and easy recipes for realistic blood you can actually eat, and techniques to make super realistic wounds, bruises, cuts and scars. For more information contact To buy tickets online go to:


Endorsements are flying in for several of the candidates running for office (send them in, we will put it here). Mark Niedergang, candidate for Ward Five Alderman was endorsed by six local elected officials and eight organizations and unions recently. Some of them are Rep. Carl Sciortino, Alderman Rebeckah Gerwirtz, Alderman Tony Lafuente, School Board members Adam Sweeting, Christine Rafal and Paul Bokleman are the elected ones. Mark was also endorsed by several local organizations and unions.


Courtney O’Keefe, the current Ward Five Alderman, is running and she’s endorsed by many local unions: Teamsters Local 25 and I.B.E.W. local 103, and more locally by the Somerville Police Employees Association and the Somerville Fire Local 76 as well.   Other unions include Laborers Union 222, and Courtney was recently endorsed by the City’s collective unions. Courtney was endorsed by Bill Roche, former Alderman of Ward One, and as well by former Wad Five Alderman Sean O’Donovan.


Don’t forget the event “Weekend for Sean Collier at Lyndell’s Bakery” starting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 25, 26, and 27. They will be selling individual custom half moon cakes dedicated to Sean Collier with his Somerville Police badge number on them. $1.00 for every half moon sold will be donated to the Somerville Auxiliary PD Sean Collier memorial scholarship fund.


Our good friend Ricky Willette at DPW is recuperating from arm surgery. We wish him well and a speedy recovery. Rick is a great guy. He’s needed back at DPW.


Another close friend of The Times is Paula Clark, who is going in for arm surgery this Friday. She says they are going to send her home the same day, but with what she says is being done we find that hard to believe. We certainly wish Paula a speedy recovery. Paula is a fairly new resident of Highland Gardens on Highland Avenue, and loves it there. She says the people are so nice. We know that particular building run by the SHA is well maintained like all the rest of them. Like we said, she’s a nice lady.


Last week the citywide “Spelling Bee” was held at the Dante Club. Every year Sean Fitzgerald and the others work very hard putting this together. This year they had nine teams of three and the winner was none other than the teachers at the West Somerville Community School, a very impressive win for them. The master of ceremonies was Superintendent of Schools Tony Pieratozzi and the judge for the evening was John Roderick. Congratulations to all the participants. Hopefully next year more will join in on the fun.


Tonight, Wednesday, October 23, is the annual Somerville Rotary Club “Comedy Night” on Rte. 1. Thanks to all the local businesses that helped to donate to make this yearly event a success. The club works very hard making sure it’s successful. Somerville Rotary is made up of local businesses and non-profits that meet weekly at the Mt. Vernon Restaurant at 12:15 p.m. every Tuesday. This year’s president is Nancy Kavanagh, and she’s doing a great job. If you’d like to find out what Rotary is all about and would like to talk to someone about joining, email Nancy at or just go online to the Rotary web site, you’ll find online at our web site


41 Responses to “Newstalk – October 23”

  1. Lars says:

    Current aldermen endorsed the opponent of another current member? HUH??!! Ethics anyone?

  2. Avaya says:

    I’m seeing Mark Niedergang signs in ward 6 so I guess Rebekah’s endorsement is working 😛

  3. no law says:

    I don’t think there’s any ethics violation here. People are free to endorse anyone. It’s not too smart, politically, as you may end up trying to work with someone you went up against publicly.

  4. police says:

    I would bet my next paycheck that the tape or camera was not functioning that day! They tend to malfunction at the worst possible times……

  5. Joanna says:

    Regarding Mr. Niedergang. I have to say I don’t know much about him, despite the fact that I live in his ward. But I must say that I was offended to receive a mailing from him this week. He listed 5 personal endorsements, but only 2 of the people quoted live in the ward, which I found interesting. I have to say I was deeply offended by the inclusion of a quote from a prominent Somerville resident who is an Alzheimer’s patient. Very poor form, and it tells me all I need to know about the candidate.

  6. Dan says:

    Yes, those Mark Niedergang signs in ward 6 — many of them facing their neighbors in ward 5. Working quite well, I’d say.

  7. freedomforthepeople says:

    The real problem with this is Mayor Joe Curtatone is nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing as he is not a progressive he is a republican who is trying to put another puppet in office for himself Ward One Alderman Maureen Bastardi doing this out of spite showing her true somerville pride ,incumbent Ward Six alderman Rebekah Gewirtz showing that she has joined the team and is not a true progressive. and many more boot lickers as they make the final push to elect Matt McLaughlin for Ward One Alderman. THE REAL PROGRESSIVE IN WARD ONE IS Elio LoRusso ,WHO HAS BEEN BULLIED BY ALL OF THE ABOVE NOT TO RUN .THE VOTE IS ON YOU EAST SOMERVILLE CORRUPT POLITICS AS USUAL OR REAL PROGRESS YOU CHOOSE.

  8. Avaya says:

    No…these were in ward 6, facing ward 6.

  9. Lars says:

    Looking at the two that endorsed Mark over Courtney—pretty clear its personal and not political.

  10. Somerbreeze says:

    Matt McLaughlin is beholden to no one! He is no “puppet” or “bootlicker!”

    Curtatone endorsed him as a courtesy because Matt came in first in the Primary, no more no less…

    @freedom – Your rhetoric borders on insulting and incendiary–for shame.

  11. Mikel says:

    Somerbreeze, you are right and wrong. Right Matt McLaughlin is no puppet, but (wrong) Curtatone endorsd him because he was the better candidate, plain and simple. ElioLoRusso also asked Curtatone for an endorsement after the primary but Curtatone chose the candidate that will best represent the people of ward one. How can Elio Lorusso represent the most diverse section of the city when he said to ship all illegal immigrants out of the country!

  12. Steve Keenan says:

    Here’s hoping that Ricky Willette has a speedy recovery from his surgery. He is one of the nicest and most down to earth persons you will ever meet.

  13. hello out there says:

    if anyone knows Suzanne Bremer, could you tell her you CANNOT staple flyers to utility poles. Watched your rep do this in my neighborhood, went to learn about the missing dog/cat/bird. It’s a Bremer flyer. Unbelievable. I’d tell her myself, but as a resident of the ward she’s running in, I don’t believe I’ll ever see her.

  14. freedomforthepeople says:

    I can see it clearly these true words are just to hot for you to handle,you insult the rest of the people that know whats going on in this city your words are that of a bully ,by the way would you happen to know the police officer who is doing the same thing but with intent to harm,could he be related to our mayer must run in the family.

  15. Itaplaintosee says:

    Lorusso sounds like a jealous baby. This tact he has taken to accuse McLaughlin of being a rubber stamp is plain nonsense. This negative tact will be his undoing.

  16. Pixie Pocohantas says:

    Matt did a great job during the debate on Monday evening. H will work hard for everyone in Ward 1.

  17. Wit says:

    Matt was at his best back in the day but this kid has sold his soul to the devil. PDS will expect him to obey their rules and vote in their favor. That’s the deal with this group. They endorse you, the machine runs during your campaign, but there is an expectation that you follow their lead. Kind of a shame.

  18. Robert Benson says:

    Dear Somerville Times,
    There is much confusion out there about who owns what paper and what exactly happened to cause all this confusion. I personally like this Somerville Times paper. It is clean and professional looking. And all the words are spelled correctly. That other news paper floating around the gutters of somerville it atrocious! I was told that a former employee of yours now runs this other weekly paper. Is that true? I think his name is bill tauro? Or something like that. I was also told he is a convicted felon who is doing this so he can blackmail people or they risk having bad stories written about them. Can you confirm or deny this? If not I understand. Maybe I should be asking a national news outlet. Can anyone start a news paper? I thought there was some kind of code of ethics? If a convicted felon can’t even vote, why would that felon be allowed the privilege of freedom of the press? I hope I’m wrong about this. It would be a terrible thing if this is the same person that was convicted of those heinous crimes.

  19. Jim says:

    Mr. Benson as a former tenant of the T’s, your right on all counts, BT is the guy who went to jail and is trying to fool everyone here in Somerville. He went to jail for stealing money is what i heard, i barely remember the trial back in the late 80’s but i find myself remembering he was sentenced a long time. I don’t think you have to be ethical to own a paper either, but then again if your calling his recent attempt at blackmail press he’s your guy. Next he will endorse candidates and he can’t even vote, being endorsed by a known x felon would be to funny, I hear he’s a pal of Mayor Joe but maybe that’s in his mind..

  20. bad politics says:

    Suzanne Bremer must have gone to the Mark Neidergang School of Politics. Stapling flyers to telephone poles is a giant No No. This is her first effort to reach the folks in Ward 3, and it’s a giant fail. Topping it off? The flyer is addressed in large, bold print to: Hipsters, Radicals, LGBT’s. So I , as a boring middle-class taxpayer didn’t read it. I guess Ms. Bremer is limiting herself to certain groups. I can’t believe she didn’t list cyclists and dog owners. loser.

  21. too short says:

    i’d like to add tall people to the list of her constituents. these flyers are 7 feet high, and unreadable to so many of us people on the shorter side.

  22. ward3Villen says:

    I havent seen these fliers, but if they are out there, I’m gonna guess they weren’t authorized by Suzanne Bremer. Dirty politics? (Suzanne’s not exactly 6 feet tall to be reaching up that high!) Besides, her campaign has been MIA since the primary.

  23. Somerbreeze says:

    @ bad politics – Whatever you think of Bremer’s politics, if you’re happy to demonize LGBTs (of which I’m not), then you are one pathetic bigot…

    BTW, I’m a long-term resident and taxpayer–wanna put me on your S**t-List, too?

    What a maroon!

  24. The Know says:

    Bremer isn’t campaigning…phone calls & emails only.

  25. Nouveaux Politics? says:

    Why do these PDSers not realize that some things are just wrong, and some things are just stupid. From Niedergang who had to be asked to leave each polling place in September for approaching voters and handing out fliers right outside the door of the polling place, to Pitone knocking on peoples’ doors at 8:00 on a Saturday night, and now Bremer. Where do these people come from?

  26. Ron Newman says:

    Your two news items about police officers would be much more useful if they include the names of the officers. Is the second item related in any way to the arrest of the owner of Buddy’s Diner?

  27. JMB says:

    I don’t live in Ward 3 so I can’t tell if Bremer is campaigning or not, but out here in Ward 7, both candidates are going hard. Either Joe Capuano (I am supporting Joe) or Mike Capuano Jr. has been by my house at least 5 times, I’ve gotten at least two calls from that campaign, and a few mailed pieces.

    Ballantyne has also been by a few times and mailed me, even though I told her I was supporting Joe Capuano. I’m not sure why she keeps coming back, but I can tell she’s working hard too.

    As for the candidates at large, I’m shocked at how LITTLE any of them are doing. Sean Fitzgerald has dropped a flyer and done a call, but absolutely no other at large candidates have reached out to me – and I vote in every election! No knocking on doors, no mail, no calls. They are taking their incumbency for granted, and I will not give them that satisfaction.

    While it is nice that some of the incumbent at large aldermen are FINALLY trying to become independent from the mayor (ambition, Dennis Sullivan?), it is too little, too late for me. Mobile office hours are a nice constituent service, but it does not demonstrate leadership. Their lack of interest in trying to retain my vote is disgusting.

    I will only be voting for Mr. Fitzgerald for at-large alderman, since he is clearly the only one who is willing to work to get the job he wants.

  28. Somerbreeze blows by says:

    this is why they say Reading is Fundamental. Where on earth did I demonize? I said her campaign flyer is addressed to certain categories of people, none of which include me. Demon? I think not. I am not interested in any candidate who categorizes people like this anyway. It’s just too simple minded. Please re-read my comments and stop throwing around nasty names for no reason.

  29. all gone says:

    for those calling dirty politics, i spoke to the ‘hipster’ (Bremer’s definition) who was stapling the flyers to utility poles, and i was convinced it was on the candidates behalf. Also, the flyers are now all gone. At least on one street.

  30. Exact words says:

    Here are the exact words of one of Suzanne Bremer’s telephone pole postings: “THE NEW SOMERVILLE: inclusive, diverse, peaceful, sustainable, affordable, cosmopolitan, community, education, arts, mixed use, mass transit, pedestrian, green, locavore, bike lanes, trees, gardens, open space, climate change mitigation. SUZANNE BREMER. Ward 3 Alderwoman. Tuesday, November 5. It’s our city. Take responsibility. Local elections matter more.”

  31. Norman says:

    speaking of dirty politics. Elio LoRusso has reinvented himself (again) and is calling himself an Independent candidate. He should look up the definition of independent. it is not being unable to secure endorsements. YES, he has solicited endorsements from Mayor Curtatone, Somerville Journal, Somerville Democratic Comm., ALL city unions, and he received NONE. in fact Matt McLaughlin received all of them because he is the better candidate. You would think that after running five times Elio would understand dirty politics doesn’t work.

  32. DfD says:

    Norman, you are correct. Elio should have learned the last time, dirty politics will not win elections. Remember this is the guy who said that illegal immigrants should be booted out of the country. Looking at his standout yesterday he must mean after he no longer has any use for them. Ward1 residents beware.

  33. Kate says:

    I received a glossy flyer in the mail yesterday. Elio made it look like he was quoting the Somerville Journal when in fact he was quoting a letter to the editor that a supporter sent in. SNEAKY. Is this the person we want as our next alderman. Also as a woman with a same sex partner he will never get my vote with his stance against same sex unions. I agree with DfD, BEWARE.

  34. more Exact Words says:

    those were the words on one flyer. Another flyer posted on 3 poles on my street says in bold letters. Hipsters, Radicals, LGBT’s in a way that makes clear the flier is addressed to them. I don’t make this stuff up.

  35. I attended the Ward 1 debate between Matt and Elio on Monday night. Never knowing anything about Elio, since I have been a life long taxpayer of Ward 7, I listened to him for the very first time. I was surprised at his behavior towards Matt which seemed unprofessional and immature.

    A recent acquaintance had introduced me to Matt last year. After talking with him and learning about Save Somerville, which helps to provide teen empowerment, I was really impressed. Matt has proven himself to be a qualified candidate for Alderman of Ward 1 and I support him. He is well liked by a variety of residents, young and old, locals and newcomers, working class, poor and professionals. We should feel fortunate that such a dedicated native with fresh ideas has been working so hard for residents of this community. As Alderman, I know he will work even harder.

    Elio was attempting to grandstand on the wave of development in East Somerville. For months, I have been complaining about it as well, but have realized, it’s here now and we can’t really do anything to stop it. Boston and Cambridge have been doing the same, so it’s just a matter of time it also impacts our city.

    The best we can hope for is that as long as local residents and affordable housing will be secured, we can retain our long time residents who wish to remain here. That includes the diverse multi-cultural population, working families and our elderly. I am confident that Matt will strike the balance needed to work with the administration while speaking on behalf of all constituents of Ward 1, regardless of income status, age or cultural background. I do not believe Elio would do the same. We can’t afford to have Aldermen who will buck the system, they must all learn to work together for common goals. I hope the mayor will also keep an open mind when the delicate decisions which will effect residents. He’ll only have one chance to make it right.

  36. Joanne says:

    @DfD, I don’t live in Ward 1, so I’m only following this race through news articles. I agree with Elio that illegal immigrants should not be here and should be deported, particularly if they have a violent criminal past which currently is not happening. I’m sure Elio probably would agree with me on welcoming legal immigrants. How do you know that anyone at his standout is illegal?

  37. ritepride says:

    Ah but “PixiePocahontas” The BOA rubber stamping everything the mayor puts before them, like the bond for FRIT at taxpayer expen$e, is the wrong way of “working together”. The mayor has a closed mind and is only working for the benefit of the developer$ and him$elf.

  38. Villenous says:

    The Board of Alderman supported the Assembly Square bond because they’re not Tea Party wingnuts or delusional liberals who vote like Tea Party wingnuts on important issues (Gewirtz).

  39. Pixie Pocahontas says:


    I have agreed with you on what you say, but there must be a way we can demand balance. I’m hoping the new BOA will be able to achieve these much needed changes. Would you propose impeachment? What recourse do we have as tax paying constituents? I have no problem speaking my mind to any officials and representatives, I will continue to voice my concerns. Everyone should be held accountable to their actions, especially those representing the public at large. It’s a very dicey situation which no one wishes to approach. Development is coming whether we want it or not, it’s just the harsh reality. Valid concerns should be voiced and it’s up to us to continue the debates. The most important issue is affordable housing and people who rely on it, some elderly, must keep calling their reps and mayor’s office. Not every battle can be won, but I’ve won more than a few because I was determined never give up. Win or lose, people must continue to fight for their rights.

  40. ritepride says:

    “Pixie P” you nailed it….”must keep calling their reps” Continuous, repeated calling may just wake them up. Development in non residential areas may be in the future… but “bending” rules like some of the development$ in residential neighborhoods for the sake of the developer$ is wrong. Some places they have allowed structures to be built behind existing structures violating the rules. Should a fire occur in those areas it is guaranteed that several adjacent structures could also be lost because the rule$ were broken to appease the developer. Meanwhile these innocent residents suffer because of political greed and that is what justifies some of these development proposal$ that are rubber stamped approved. Meanwhile a person who has lived in the city for 20 or more years goes to make an improvement on their home and if they are not “connected”, may find a double standard exists.

  41. Kate says:

    I received a glossy flyer in the mail today. Elio is calling Somerville Rat City USA. I think the only rats are on George St!. Is this the person we want as our next alderman. Also as a woman with a same sex partner he will never get my vote with his stance against same sex unions and the way he degrades woman. I agree with DfD, BEWARE.

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