Girlfriend has costly taste in gifts

On October 18, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were called to the Home Depot store on Mystic Ave. last Saturday morning on reports that a shoplifter had been caught and detained by store loss prevention personnel.

Upon arrival, police officers were advised that the suspect, Paul Flaherty, 51, of Quincy, had entered the store and placed several items in a shopping carriage while making a show of referring to sales receipts that he had pulled from his pocket.

After Flaherty had collected a number of items, he proceeded to the checkout area, but instead of paying the cashier he attempted to leave the store, pretending that the receipts in his hand were good for the items he was leaving with, according to loss prevention personnel testimony.

Flaherty was intercepted by the security staff and the goods he had allegedly taken were retrieved. He was then taken to the loss prevention office to await the arrival of police.

One loss prevention officer said that she had spoken to a female waiting in the car that Flaherty had used to put some allegedly stolen merchandise into.

The female in question, who Flaherty reportedly claimed was his girlfriend, drove away in another vehicle before police arrived.

Flaherty had apparently taken a number of things such as power cords and lighters, and a value of $296.19 was placed on the items retrieved.

A search of Flaherty’s person reportedly turned up 7 gold chains and $7,412 in cash. When asked why he was in possession of the chains and so much cash he reportedly said that he had been in the process of pawning the jewelry so that he could buy his girlfriend a car.

Flaherty was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting by asportation.


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