Chief Fire Engineer urges residents to protect homes against summer fires with easy precautions.


Chief Fire Engineer Kevin Kelleher and the Somerville Fire Department remind all residents that with higher temperatures and dry weather comes the increased risk for fire hazards, and ask residents to take necessary preventive steps in your home to decrease this risk.


The following is a list of steps to consider in your home:


  • Check batteries and operations in smoke detectors.
  • DO NOT use grills on porches, on any floor of your home.
  • If you use air conditioners, be sure they are plugged into updated and secure sockets or surge protectors. Only plug extension cords into one outlet, and do not run cords under any rugs.
  • Avoid smoking on porches, or while sitting in bed or on couches.
  • Remove overstuffed furniture from porches.
  • NEVER clean with gasoline, or store it in warm places.


In the event of a fire, be sure your family or your roommates are prepared by discussing evacuation routes and planning a meeting area outside the home.


“In recent weeks, a number of fires have occurred throughout the City, however no injuries were reported thanks to updated and functioning smoke detectors and other actions taken by homeowners,” said Chief Kelleher. “It’s important to be proactive about fire prevention and fire safety, particularly in extreme heat or, conversely, in extreme cold when space heaters and other similar factors come into play. We are thankful that no one was seriously injured in these recent fires, but it is important to remind everyone that fire safety is important and necessary year-round.”


Thank you for considering these important steps to help us ensure the safety of our community.


6 Responses to “Somerville Fire Dept Reminds Residents of Important Fire Safety and Prevention Tips”

  1. Let's Be Real says:

    The SFD needs to drive around the city. From the street, grills are visible all over the city on porches. Start with the new building at the Cedar Street bridge.

  2. amen says:

    yeah, they should do that, you know, in between fighting fires and answering medical calls. that work should be done by people in code enforcement, inspectional services, etc. When you see one call 311. I do. sometimes they respond, sometimes they don’t. My apartment building neighbors light up a ROOFTOP grill! morons. I call when they do that. have seen some real stupid stuff with grills.

  3. Judy says:

    You’re right, Inspectional Services should be doing that. Although we do have a Fire Prevention Unit, as well as volunteer fire fighters.

  4. amen says:

    Judy, where do you live? I don’t think we have volunteer firefighters here.

  5. j. connelly says:

    A) The city has both “volunteer” Firefighters & Police Officers, known as “Auxiliary” divisions in both the Police & Fire Depts. However they assist with functions assigned by the Chiefs of Police & Fire and inspections is not one of their tasks. Few citizens realize that the auxiliaries even exist until the auxiliaries services are called into action.

    B) When major events occur the auxiliaries assist. Checking public buildings, pumping flooded cellars, assisting with traffic control, lighting incident scenes at night, are just some of the other functions that the auxiliary divisions assist the city.

    C) Many men and women who have served on the Auxiliaries have moved on to career positions in Police and Fire Depts including Somerville. Some over the years have served as Chiefs.

  6. jon says:

    Somerville has always had volunteer firefighters. Has that program stopped? Like the volunteeer police, they support the firefighters in different ways.

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