Letter to the Editor (2) – June 12

On June 12, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Washington Street development is not just for low-income folks, but for middle income like you.

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What gets lost in the discussion about SCC’s proposed redevelopment at 181 Washington Street is we’re primarily engaging in a lighthearted low-income housing effort. While the mission of the project includes assisting in low-income housing opportunities, this effort is not so limited in its use.

What is lost in this confusion is how this redevelopment provides the opportunity for our very own city workers, nurses, police, construction workers and yes, even teachers to remain in Somerville. The Green Line is coming and housing prices are only going to go up. That is ultimately what this project is about. I’m a recent college grad and without opportunities like this one, I’m not certain I’ll be able to stay in Somerville either. Yet, the burden would be greater on those who have raised families here longer than the 4 years I took to study here.

– Guillermo Samuel Hamlin


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