New head master for high school announced

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New head master for high school announced

Anthony Ciccariello was announced as the next head master of Somerville High School today by Superintendent Anthony Pierantozzi. The school committee unanimously recommended Ciccariello, a longtime Somerville school department employee, and Pierantozzi, who makes the final decision, followed their lead.

Ciccariello had been vice head master at the school since 2002.


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  1. Student says:

    Great news for us. Mr. Ciccariello is a wonderful person and treats us here at SHS great. he is just what we need.

  2. Jed Clampett says:

    Has anyone heard about the possibility of the City not acquiring the funds needed to start the Lincoln Park School? I thought the City held a meeting last night and if anyone knows the outcome, I am sure it would be appreciated if it were announced.
    Seems our favorite paper blog got the story on Tony Ciccariello but not the issue on funding another $10 million + for the school project.
    No news isn’t always good news. Besides, the city is so indebt now that I find it hard to believe the State, or who ever issues bonds, would even consider lending the City money with the way botched funds, reprehensible zoning ordinances, thefts that are not solved, settlement cases of over $500,000 combined and the tumult at the DPW, would ever consider us financially sound. They would have to be as looney as a bird to give the City $10 Million +.
    PS… I still see men in white suits on the construction site. ISn’t that a tell-tail sign that the little oil was a bigger problem than first announced?

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