The View From Prospect Hill – March 20

On March 20, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

prospect hill

It’s not as though we have anything against athletics in general or big city-sponsored events in particular. These are, at their core, fine things for a community to participate in and support.

Is it necessary, however, for us to be underwriting and putting up with so many of them with such frequency?

Many residents are getting the feeling that an inordinate number of these foot races are taking place, blocking public thoroughfares for hours on end, and generally creating a lot of inconvenience for those who would rather not be bothered by them.

Perhaps it is time for serious discussion regarding setting some limits on the number of such events that should take place over a given period of time. That and taking into consideration limiting of the number of participants to be allowed in any one race. Fewer numbers of runners would shorten the duration of these events, thus alleviating some of the problems faced by residents who feel inconvenienced by having their streets blocked off and filled with hoards of sweaty runners, as well as the onlookers who invariably gather and monopolize the sidewalks and open spaces of their neighborhoods.

It has also been suggested that alternate routes could be established that would avoid blocking off residential and commercial districts so severely. Perhaps a combination of using the Community Path and some other well-chosen, less used back roads might be useful in helping to ease the pain of those who have had enough 5K fever for their liking.

These events can be fun and often contribute financially to worthy charitable causes. Nobody really wants them to go away, but couldn’t they possibly go a little less often and with better consideration for the comfort and well being of all Somerville residents?


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