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On March 20, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Tonight: Business Town Meeting VIII with Mayor Joe Curtatone, City of Somerville’s business and economic agenda “Questions & Answers  Session” at Davis Square Theatre, 255 Elm Street (Next to Foundry on Elm). Opens at 5:00 p.m. Business Town Meeting starts 5:30 p.m. After hour’s reception at Saloon, 7 p.m. Free appetizers. Contact Somerville Chamber of Commerce, 2 Alpine St, 617-776-4100 or,


This Thursday, the 21st, The 11th Annual Brian Higgins Foundation Trivia Night will be held at Tufts University’s Cousens Gym. Starting time is 6 p.m. If you would like to take part in this worthy cause in memory of Brian Higgins, contact or follow them on


Rumor persists that longtime Ward 3 Alderman, Tom Taylor isn’t going to run for re-election this year so that will make it wide open in the ward for the seat. Several names are popping up all over the ward. We hear Bob McWaters, the popular political pundit here in the Ville, mentioned. Never mind the fact that he would be an early favorite who might consider running. With his experience, he would run for all the right reasons. not like some others. We also hear that Matt Capobianco, whom some have said is a Republican, might run and the name that keeps coming up again and again in Ward 3 is former Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay, who is getting a lot of calls, we hear. We even heard someone would be willing to donate a campaign headquarters for her. We hear that there might be more names mentioned in weeks to come.


In Ward 5, Mark “the Shark” (his Tufts College days nick-name) Niedergang is out there campaigning and spreading nasty rumors, we hear, about the incumbent, Sean O’Donovan. We hope that’s not true. We were hoping it would be a campaign on issues, not name calling like some of the leftists here in the city have resorted to. We know that Sean has made it clear he’s going to run a clean campaign here in the city and letting the voters of Ward 5 know he’s done a great job, and to return him to the board of Alderman.    By the way, is it us or does he list that his employment is the School Committee?  We heard he’s one of those “trust fund” babies. You know, that NYC lower Manhattan crowd. It’s just speculation, but that rumor has been out there a while. In the old days we would call them “Limousine Liberals!”


Over in Ward 4, the incumbent Alderman Tony LaFuente is busy trying to get Winter Hill on the drawing board for the city, making it a destination and place to be in the near future. He’s been working hard, meeting the residents and having local neighborhood meetings. So far, we hear of no one that wants to take him on, and since some of us Newstalkers live in Ward 4 we know he’s doing a good job.


Word has it that at a recent event here in the city at Holiday Inn, that some made remarks about Representative Carl Sciortino and his demeanor and announcements that he wants to run for a seat not even emptied yet by Congressman Markey. We hear that some politicians over in Medford, which Carl also represents as part of his district, are not happy with him. We heard from a source that maybe Carl had better watch out. We heard of a concerted effort going onto get a well-known politician to run for Carl’s seat. It seems that Carl says he’s not in other races but keeps speaking with forked tongue!


Speaking about political moves, those that watched the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast on television this past Sunday might have noticed our own Mayor Joe Curtatone was in the crowd. Word is that he just might be ready to announce his run for Governor any time now. We will keep you up to speed as soon as we hear more.


Somerville Pop Warner needs your help. They just got a new batch of these really cool black “Villen” tee shirts in with white lettering. The tee shirts are only $10 each. Every little bit helps. They need all the help we can give them. Proceeds sponsor uniforms, fields, refs, and traveling, or even if a family can’t afford to pay in full. As long as Somerville Pop Warner has kids playing football, that’s all that matters to them. With your support it goes a long way. Email Billy Tauro at or inbox him on Facebook and he will get it to you, even if he has to deliver it personally. So please, all you Villens out there, please help support Somerville Pop Warner and purchase one! It’s to a good cause. It’s for the kids!


Coming up on Saturday, April 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Masonic Open House at 125 Highland Avenue (rear-go up the driveway to rear building). The Officers of the Lodge will be there to welcome you and give you a brief tour and answer any questions you might have. The entire public is invited.


Also coming up, a huge congratulations to the Officers and members of Fraternal Chapter number 136 Order of Eastern Star, who will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary this coming May. On May 3rd 1913 they were constituted here in Somerville and have been thriving ever since. The Order of Eastern Star is the world’s oldest men’s and women’s fraternity. The chapter is the last one to remain here in the city. If you would like more information about membership contact Mike Podymaitis at The members are planning a 100th anniversary dinner coming up shortly more news on that to come.


Alderman Bastardi has scheduled a second neighborhood meeting to hear your concerns and opinions regarding the new development at 90 Washington Street. When: Tuesday, April 2. Time: 6:30–7:30 p.m. Where: Ralph & Jenny Senior Center, 9 New Washington Street. This is the second neighborhood meeting regarding a proposed mixed use (commercial and residential) development. The developers, their attorney and representatives from the city will be there. If additional information is needed contact Alderman Bastardi at 617-764-5373 or


Another meeting that Alderman Bastardi has scheduled the first neighborhood meeting to hear your concerns and opinions regarding the new development at 205 Broadway (intersection of Broadway & McGrath)  When: Monday, April 1. Where: Cross Street Community Center, 165 Broadway. 6:30–7:30 p.m. This is a proposed two story commercial use building. The developers, their attorney and representatives from the city will be there.  If additional information is needed contact Alderman Bastardi at 617-764-5373 or


Big time Happy Birthday to our old friend Dan Spinosa, who most might not know has Irish roots. He was born on St. Patrick’s Day, and he turned the young age of 91 this week. Happy Birthday to our good friend Amanda Marie Eddy, who has been celebrating her birthday for a whole week now here in the Ville! Also coming up this week is one of those famous Hart family members, Rachel Hart-Adams, who is celebrating this week as well. Also, Happy Birthday to the following celebrating also this week: Michelle Saulnier Goss, Michele Lloyd, Kristin Cabral, our own favorite here, Cathleen Twardzik Powers, who has been writing for The News for several years. Also, Happy Birthday to a great guy and lifelong resident, Michael Sullivan, of Spring Hill fame.


To the sub shop owner whose shop is on the main drag that went through a few recent name changes, the new guy on the street between the two well established sub shops. A message from a now, new former customer, “Check the sell by date on your meats.” All meats, but in particular the shaved steak bomb wraps. Two orders reportedly bought there that we know of got individuals very sick, including one of our Newstalkers, who got real sick after eating food delivered from your shop this past week. We heard that the owner of the establishment didn’t seem to care and didn’t want to hear about it, not even offering an “I’m sorry,” but reportedly did tell them “tough sh*t” when they complained two days later and expressed concerns, and then told them to “go &@”? yourself.”    Please clean up your act and for God’s sake. Rotate your stock before someone gets worse than sick, and you get a visit from the Board of Health. Hell, maybe the Board of Health should pay you a visit! Even better, maybe someone already called the board of health.


Walnut Street Center Inc., a local non-profit organization providing services to adults with developmental disabilities, is pleased to announce the acceptance of employees, Herbert Ngera, ACCESS, Day Program Manager and Felipe Quiñones Residential Program House Manager, into the 2013 Northeast Leadership Institute. This educational series takes place over the next seven months and is comprised of two full classroom days per month and a field experience. According to the outline description by the program, “The Northeast Leadership Institute is designed to bring together people who are committed to become more effective leaders and to provide them with state of the art information and strategies on leadership that will address their many shared issues.  Participants gain skill and knowledge that will assist them to become active leaders in systems change, policy making, and the development of better supports for individuals with disabilities.” Herbert and Felipe will have an opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills. They will learn from professionals in the field of leadership and developmental disabilities, along with family members and individuals with disabilities, who will be presenters and facilitators throughout the series. Walnut Street Center, Inc., employees were chosen after completing a detailed application process and competing with other human service professional and organizations. Walnut Street Center is thankful to the Charles E. Harwood Trust and the 2013 Northeast Leadership Institute for this invaluable educational training opportunity.


Under the Roof, a benefit for the Somerville Homeless Coalition, takes place on Saturday, April 27, at 6:00 p.m. Join them as they honor Redbones and its owners Robert Gregory and Caryn Whitney for their community leadership and long-standing support of the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Enjoy Redbones BBQ, dancing to Loomers live music, and a silent auction at the Arts at the Armory 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville.


Also, please remember that next Wednesday night is the date that you saved earlier this month for the fundraiser comedy club event for the Mason’s building on Highland Ave. to help preserve a big piece of Somerville History in our city. Masons worldwide donate over $4,000,000 per day to help local charities and children around the world. Now the Highland Masonic Temple Association (HMTA) in Somerville needs your help to assist the King Solomon’s Masonic Lodge to help preserve the landmark historic church located at 125 Highland Avenue in Somerville. The association for the members of the lodge is hosting a HMTA 1st Annual “Night Out Comedy Night” at Giggles Comedy Club at Prince Pizzeria located on Rt. 1 in Saugus on Wednesday, March 27 at 7 p.m. For $25 per person you get a standup comic show performed by world-class professional comedians, all the pizza that you can eat, a silent auction, drawings, and a fun time for all. More importantly, you will be helping to preserve the historic lodge building for generations to come. So, come on all you Somervillens out there, please be a part of history and enjoy a fun night out at the same time. For more info and tickets, Facebook message Billy Tauro or call him at (617) 293-2016 or email him at and help preserve a piece of Somerville history.


We heard from some local East Somerville residents that are concerned over the proposed 120 residential on the large vacant Cross Street East site. The concern by some, we hear, is that more residential units is not the answer to everything, especially if the rents are going to be $2k plus a month like at Assembly. More residential units and influx of new residents in an already tight part of the city might not be good for anyone. The developers are all over Ward One now, since they re-zoned Broadway form Sullivan Square to School Street. We even hear that a local favorite shop, Patsy’s Pastry, has sold out to a developer who wants to build 19 units on that site, 120 on East Cross and who knows how many more. We heard that Winter Hill would be a huge mixed used property proposal on Temple and Broadway, the old Blumsack property. But the worst eyesore of all, the old Winter Hill Star Market, is still standing without anything going in there soon.


Congratulations to Aliana Oppedisano a junior at Somerville High School, who recently won the SPEAK UP- YOUR VOICE MATTERS Poster Project Contest sponsored by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc. Aliana will be honored by Middlesex District Attorney, Gerry Leone, at a ceremony at his office this Thursday, March 21.


13 Responses to “Newstalk – March 20”

  1. mr says:

    That Star Market would be a booming Ocean State job lot, but the Mayor would rather a derelict building and unsupervised car dumping ground instead.Maybe taxes wouldn’t go up so much if he wasn’t such a snob. BTW that city improvement tax you all voted for, doesn’t kick in until July. In case you thought that’s why taxes went up this quarter.

  2. A Moore says:

    I asked at Patsy’s and they said they were not selling and no plans to close. My wife’s favorite place for over 40 years. She would be very depressed if they close.

  3. j. connelly says:

    Voting for any Tufts Alumni for local political office is a death knell for the taxpayers. Foxes in the henhouse.
    Since I didn’t get an answer yet….Niedergang! Isn’t he the guy in uniform with the chrome helmet on the white horse in Animal House?????

  4. Blood Hound says:

    Well I guess that Tom Tom does not want Dorothy Kelly Gay to follow him once again just think how much she can bring to the table and scratch scratch what she might get as she wants nothing and she is too too expensive to bought.

  5. Joseph says:

    Niedergang doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Look into his past dealings with the city. He’s dishonest, and he spreads lies and rumors.

  6. A. Moore says:

    Mr, my understanding is that the powers tha be want a mixed use building there so any efforts to bring something in has had some problems with zoning. For the Ocean State to come on and change the store from grocery to whatever they are would take over a year. So there it stands empty. Who smart is that?

  7. JMB says:

    Dean Wormer: Put Niedergang on it … he’s a sneaky little sh! just like you …

  8. Edward Bangs says:

    Hello, With all the proposed development in E. Somerville I haven’t noticed any discussion on a noise barrier along Rt 93 South , where 8-10 lanes of traffic, noise and pollution are just yards from adjacent homes ,even the new development on Cross St is planning a planting of trees to shield area from noise what about the rest of the neighborhood which needs relief too just look a barrier northbound at Ten Hills, a recent noise barrier erected on 93 south in Medford Sq area but nothing in E.Somerville

  9. j. connelly says:

    In the meantime folks you ALL should be contacting our Washington & State Senators/Representatives asking them to file & pass legislation that will prohibit Banks, etc from automatically deducting a percentage of your savings or any other account like happened in Cypress which took 10% of the peoples $$$ out of their accounts to bail the Cypress banks incompetency. Bankers around the world are licking their chops waiting too the same. We already bailed the big banks out once, make sure it never happens again at our expense. So call, write, email your elected officials now.

  10. Steve Keenan says:

    I don’t think Zoning would be a problem at the former Star Market site. Star Market and Ocean State would most likely be the same as Zoning is concerned-zoned for business(retail).

  11. A. Moore says:

    I had asked about that Steve and that is what the Alderman at Large told me. You are going from supermarket department store or whatever it is listed. I personally don’t see the big deal. Same as Circuit City becoming a Market. Have to go through zoning and the process is at least a year as I was told.

  12. j. connelly says:

    In this city the “{big deal” is same old same old…”Da Envelope puhleeeez!

  13. Steve Keenan says:

    I have had some zoning experience as well as some building Use issues. I think the zoning matters cab be expedited. I might be wrong, but the zoning issues should not be a big issue.

    But don’t hold your breath.

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