Forger helps himself to friend’s bank account

On March 14, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

A complaint of check forgery brought police to an Edgar Ave. apartment this past weekend.

The reporting victim told police that when he looked up his bank account information he discovered that four unauthorized checks had been forged and used to take money from his account, according to reports.

An involved party reportedly told police that another man, Ryan Stillman, 25, of E. Northport, NY, had convinced him that the victim had written a check to him and that he needed help in cashing it.

Stillman reportedly told the involved party that he himself did not have a bank account and that he could not, therefore, cash the check on his own and that he needed help in doing so.

The involved party reportedly went along with Stillman’s request and cashed the check, which Stillman assured was actually given to him by the victim.

This happened not just once, but four times over the course of several days, according to reports. The involved party claimed to have no idea that the checks could have been stolen and forged.

As Stillman was present at the victim’s residence during the police investigation, he was questioned by the officers and he reportedly made statements that incriminated himself, police said.

Stillman was placed under arrest and charged with larceny and check forgery.


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