The View From Prospect Hill – February 6

On February 6, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

prospect hill

Wherever you go, there you are. So the old Zen-like expression says. And, as simplistic as the idea may be, there may be something more to think about in consideration of this concept.

Take, for example, the recently renewed interest by many Ward 5 residents in having a sign placed in Magoun Square. Something for uninformed passers-through to identify the area they are visiting, as well as something for the locals to take pride in, to observe the distinction that marks the spot.

It’s a nice idea, in fact. A refreshing facelift has been provided to the area recently, and it naturally comes to mind to consider making a bit of a fuss over it. Advocates of the new signage want to see the area recognized as its own unique territory, with its particular neighborhood flavor and ambiance.

It’s difficult to find anyone who is dead set against the proposal. The only serious questions seem to be how to fund the thing, how it should look and be constructed, and where to put it.

The city itself could bear the full financial burden, even though a fundraising effort by concerned individuals and community groups might not only help defray the costs, it could possibly raise all the funds that are needed to do it.

Obviously, a well thought out plan ought to be developed and implemented. Perhaps a committee should be formed that will go over proposed designs and locations and then make its recommendations known to city officials.

Let’s see to it that a majority opinion on this matter is thoroughly considered and taken seriously before any final decisions are made.

The sign will not only represent the residents and businesses of the Square, but the city at large as well.

And there you are.


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