Double identity owner, driver

On February 1, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

While making a random auto registration query, a Somerville Police unit discovered that the car in question’s registered owner had a suspended license.

The car was stopped on Broadway, near Fenwick Street, and the vehicle’s driver was asked for her license.

The driver, later identified as Nicola Clark, 45, of Mattapan, reportedly told police that she had no license, offered a false name (Chigitia Diggs), and further gave two separate Social Security numbers that matched no database query.

Based on the fact that the driver was unlicensed, she was placed under arrest and charged with driving with a revoked license and giving a false name.

It was later discovered that the actual registered owner of the car, whose license status is revoked and unrenewable, also had the name of Nicola Clark.

The owner of the car will be issued a citation for allowing an unlicensed operator to drive it.


4 Responses to “Double identity owner, driver”

  1. A. Moore says:

    I don’t know why we don’t have a law that unlicensed drivers and unregistered vehicles and repeat dui drivers could not have their vehicle confiscated andnot returned. Regardless of who the owner of the vehicle is. It’s ridiculous. Almost every week we have at least one and sometimes multiple offenses. Get the vehicles off the road and sell them for money for the city or state No car, no problem.

  2. j connelly says:

    “A Moore” Excellent idea….However this is Messachusetts…. Home of “Bacon Hill” Where many of our
    “Baconers” holding seats under the Golden Dome, (They think of it as cheese to go with their bacon/beef)
    They hold other professions as members of the law or insurance/realty community, thus they serve their own goals first & the citizens goals elsewhere down the line.

    There have been a good number of instances where some of these “Baconers” have been arrested for DUI, Domestic Abuse, etc, et tu brute…Pillars of the Community(?)

    They all have received slaps on the wrist or total exoneration (Da Devil made them do it?). Do you think they are going to pass legislation that will have a negative effect on any member of “Bacon Hill” or their Lobbyi$t$ Buddie$ community?

    Hell they are lawyers and on top of that they have a bunch of lawyers assigned to the State Legislature and they still pass DEFECTIVE laws….Evidently this eloquent group got their degrees via matchbook covers. But your idea is great and perhaps should be mandated via the election process.

  3. A. Moore says:

    I see a bunch more today just come up on the police log. The Beacon Hill people have a license. They have insured and registered vehicles. They just drive around drunk and kill people which gives them a lifetime job as a senator.

  4. Jimmy says:

    unhinged internet troll.”A.Moore” proposes a law punishing a crime by punishing a different person. by violating several constitutional amendments at once it is 100% likely to be a waste of taxpayer’s resources by being shot down immediately. A. Moore needs to turn off mom’s basement computer and take his meds.

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