An Inaugural recap

On January 25, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


By Joseph A. Curtatone

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This week, we celebrated two important milestones: the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 50th anniversary year of his I Have A Dream speech, and, fittingly, the second Inauguration of our country’s first black President – and former Somerville resident – Barack Obama. For the second time, my wife and I were honored to accept an invitation by President Obama to attend the ceremonies in Washington, D.C. and, once again, I returned home with a renewed sense of hope and pride, fueled by the inspiring words of our Commander-in-Chief.

Under President Obama’s leadership during the last four years, our country weathered the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and is now once again starting to rise.  We saw the end of the War in Iraq and some of the nation’s bravest forces eliminated Osama Bin Laden. We also saw tremendous reform in health care, Veteran services, and other key issues that will open the doors to equality among all United States residents, including gay rights, which saw its first-ever mention in an inaugural address.

It is appropriate that our MLK Day celebrations here in Somerville this year carried the theme “Equality Through Access,” identifying and discussing ways in which we must continue to address socioeconomic and racial disparities, on the day that our President featured the same issues so prominently in his national address.  That we can highlight our progress in these areas 50 years after Dr. King infamously called our nation to action in his Dream speech, and that we can do so through a leader who truly embodies Dr. King’s dream is inspiring in and of itself.  However, that we still need to discuss those disparities points to the work yet to be done.   As President Obama rightfully noted, “…our journey is not complete until all Americans can enjoy the opportunities of this nation.”

Any time discussions – or debates, as it may be – like these arise, they offer an opportunity to reflect on our own values here at home. Somerville is, after all, a true melting pot that reflects each and every demographic mentioned in the President’s address.  We are a mix of blue-collar families and young professionals, of third- and fourth-generation Somervillians and recent immigrants, of gay, straight, black, white and everything in between. We are all hard-working Americans. And yet we do not all enjoy the same basic freedoms, rights, and equal access to services. Our journey, therefore, is incomplete.

The desire to create a community that is a great place to live, work, play and raise a family, and the hope of inspiring others to work together toward this common goal is our orienting value here in Somerville. Whether we achieve this by maintaining an open, transparent government or by creating arts and cultural celebrations that foster shared learning and understanding of our various ethnic backgrounds, we believe that an inclusive community is the key to a happy and productive community, and the foundation upon which to build equality.

Working together, our achievements are notable: our city is cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient; our public schools are thriving; our streets are more walkable, bikeable, and more accessible for all residents; our local economy is growing and our business base is expanding. We have made great strides in the last decade, but we have done so by working together, by capitalizing on our existing partnerships and by forging new ones in order to create an open and inclusive community for anyone who crosses our borders.

What we have gained in the half-century since Dr. King put a face to the fight for equality is increased respect and understanding. Our journey is far from over, but together, there has been great progress.

Nationally, access to health care and education is becoming an increasingly attainable goal for so many underserved Americans.  Locally, we are working together toward shared goals such as increasing access to healthy foods and wellness resources. We know that collaboration is the key to success and, like President Obama, we believe that “America’s possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it, so long as we seize it together.”


8 Responses to “An Inaugural recap”

  1. mememe says:

    Exactly what inauguration did you go to?

    “…our country weathered the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and is now once again starting to rise.”

    Trillions more in unpaid debt, more regulations, still spending crazy money on wars overseas, still paying to keep Gitmo open, more unemployed when he started, more funding for the ‘war on drugs’, less transparency, drones killing American citizens.

    Is that how we should expect to weather the next 4 years?

  2. A Moore says:

    mememe, I always appreciated good fiction.

  3. Dicky Bird says:

    Fairy tales by “The Brothrs Grim”?

  4. mememe says:

    Trillions more in Debt:
    Currently: $16.4 Billion
    2008: $9.3 Billion

    More Regulation:
    The the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial bill alone have done more to increase regulation then any past laws. The Code of Federal Regulations has steadly incrased since 2008 (157,974) with 2009 (163,333) and on up though 2012

    DoD Spending is $645.7 billion, how much better would our education and health system be if that was not spent invading countries we have no right being in?

    Gitmo Open: Common Fact, no reference required

    Total Non Farm employment (‘000)

    Has extended and continued the war on drugs. Trillions of dollars wasted to put people in jail. Billions more annually, including lying about ( desire to enforce state laws (

    That he is worse on transparency then Bush is the saddest, considering his commitment (lies) on what he would do with transparent(,yet, he has hugely failed.( Have you ever tried to file a FoIA request?

    US drones have killed three American citizens, without due process, one was a suspected terrorist. Another was a 16 year old boy. ( The Obama admin stance is ‘his dad should have been a better dad.’

    Feel free to cover your eyes and cry ‘see no evil’ but the country has not done well over the last 4 (and/or 12) years. Somethings have gotten better, but calling what I stated fiction is selective blindness.

  5. Harry says:

    The democratic party making the criminals in Boardwalk Empire seem like choir boys.

    mememe, it’s trillions in debt…. not billions, but the democrats will tax us through the ground to pay for their giveaways and wars. They buy votes with the working class sweat.

  6. mememe says:

    You are correct, sorry, typed before coffee. Always a bad idea

    Trillions more in Debt:
    Currently: $16.4 Trillion
    2008: $9.3 Trillion

  7. A. Moore says:

    mememe, just to clarify, the fiction part was in agreement with you about the article. Maybe I didn’t say it right but I totally agree with you. The fiction part is above your first statement.

  8. Gronk says:

    Greater regulation of the financial services industry (Dodd-Frank) is surely a good thing given the mess we got into due to a lack of regulation, no?

    Would be interested to see the 2008-2012 comparison of the DoD spending. Obama has pulled us out of Iraq and is working towards withdrawal from Afghanistan. He did not get us into either so not sure you can beat him with that particular stick….

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