Lyrical Somerville – December 26

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Will Sayre aka Billy Carlos.

Will Sayre aka Billy Carlos.

Our poet this week is Will Sayre aka Billy Carlos. He writes The News:

“I am a New England artist, born in Cambridge, MA. I spend my time writing, drawing, cooking, thinking, and playing music. Through my art I attempt to illuminate the limitations of boundaries imposed by upbringing and each person’s interpretation of their ultimately subjective life, as well as to demonstrate the connections we all share through similarly perceived experiences.”

Will is also a student at Endicott College and just got back from studying abroad in Spain.


Old Furniture’s Tales

Arm wrestling
a grandfather clock
“Good-luck!” smirks
his reflective face-
as I crave a taste of nostalgia.
Weighted by the monarch
of time travel
I fall on our couch,
tales of memory escape
the creases of squeaking leather.
I contemplate,
Perhaps it’s better
the present replaced-
-the past-
-has lobbed me floating in space.
Like a helium filled beach ball
A wind wound buffoon
Ungrounded and robbed
of a moments peace, avoiding
a roused famished maroon

Happiness is found in presence
reminds the supple foot rest,
Evade lurking reminiscence
be mindful,
steady steps.

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