A dose of Christmas past

On December 24, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


On The Silly Side
By Jimmy Del Ponte



My sister and brother and me and my dad

Found the very best Christmas tree we ever had

It was so full and thick, and it was very heavy

It came home on the roof of Dad’s ’53 Chevy

I was worried that the tree may come loose tied up there

So I checked it, when we stopped for the train in the square

At the lot, as we shopped for the tree we would pick

A transistor radio was playing Little St. Nick

I noticed some tree sap on my corduroy pants

The ones mama just bought for me down at Grants

At Woolworth’s luncheonette counter we sat for a snack

We ran out of Glass Wax Stencils so we picked up a pack

I saw toys in the aisles that I’d add to my list

And Jean Naté perfume would make mom a nice gift

My sister wanted Santa to bring a Chatty Cathy doll

I wanted some Hot Wheels, I wanted them all!

A Mattel Vac U Form was a good toy for boys

With one of those things we could make our own toys!

We went to The Smoke Shop where Dad bought some cigars

On Christmas day we dropped them off down at Grandpa’s

That round Police stand in the Square was so neat

Dad knew all the cops so he’d drive by them and beep

Mom and my sister were cooking the meal

Of pasta, and ham, and of course stuffed squingeel

Baking cookies from scratch and then stuffing our face

I can still see the flour all over the place!

Ornaments that we kids made in school filled the mantel

Spray painted macaroni wreaths, and a toilet roll candle

We hopped on a trolley that was Park Street bound

And visited the Enchanted Village in Boston, downtown

Christmas meant houses with people and food

Enjoying each other in the holiday mood

Both sides of the family had folks by the dozens

Tons of uncles and aunts and a boatload of cousins

I remember those Christmases when life seemed just right

The snow was much whiter and the bulbs were so bright

Images of those times fill my mind with sweet thoughts

When we were those cute little dreamy eyed tots

Our parents were healthy, and vibrant and young

And Christmas was music good food and good fun

As we enjoy the festivities of Christmas this year

We’ll savor those old memories with smile and a tear


6 Responses to “A dose of Christmas past”

  1. A. Moore says:

    Must be the round police stand in Union Square, I don’t recall any others, but that does not mean anything. It was nice to be on that end of Christmas, no worries, the parents had all that. Never thought I would miss all those annoying relatives. Guess we didn’t know how good we had it. It was nice back then. We lived in a one bedroom in Magoun Square and my parents had a bed in the dining room which they had to take apart and set up a table for the dinner. Living room had the kerosene stove which was the warm room. My father made our toys and we had stockings full of fruit. I would hate to see the kids expressions today if they got those. It was a good time back in the fifties.

  2. A. Moore says:

    Afterthought. We didn’t get to go to toy stores to see what was out there. Plus mostly we got to listen to the radio before we got a tv so we didn’t get the ads that made us want advertised stuff. All I could think of was the hobby shop at the corner of Hinckley and Broadway. All the train setups they had there were so amazing back then. We eventually got a train set and with the homemade Lincoln logs my father made we could make buildins and so forth for the train set.

  3. M Clark says:


  4. j. connelly says:

    Great memories Jimmy. Thanks for keeping them alive.
    To you & all the S.N. commentators,…. Yes & even the New Wave Commies,…LOL


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  6. Mary Ann Hellen says:

    Jimmy, love reading your memories of Davis Sq. back in the day. I sometimes try to think of every store and where they were. Loved thinking of Christmas when I was kid and doing my shopping in Grants and Woolworths. Like you said remembering with a smile and a tear.

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