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On December 12, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The annual Illuminations Trolley Tour is scheduled for Saturday, December 15, with tours departing from the City Hall Concourse beginning at 4:30pm. The 45-minute tours will showcase holiday light displays in our own Somerville. Tours leave from (and return to) Somerville City Hall where coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies are served. Entertainment at City Hall includes choral music, courtesy of the Somerville Community Chorus and craft activities for children. Trolley Tour tickets are available at the Blue Cloud Gallery, 713 Broadway. Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children and seniors. For more information visit


The third annual Illuminations Bike Tour will also be held on December 15, a joint production of the Somerville Bicycle Committee and Somerville Arts Council. The guided group ride will be shorter this year so folks can spend more time looking at the lights and stay warmer. For those who would like to tour the longer route from last year, maps will be available. Those touring the longer route may continue after the short guided tour concludes, may meet with others at the suggested times below or tour the route on your own schedule with friends. Guided Short Route Meet Location: Somerville High School Main Entrance. Meet Time: 5:50 p.m. Departure: 6 p.m. Duration: 45 minutes, or less. Required: warm clothes and bike lights. Recommended: holiday lights, costumes and good cheer. Suggested: Donate $5 to the Somerville Arts Council. Afterwards: Hot drinks and treats at City Hall. Unguided Long Route Maps: available at city hall, donation recommended. Suggested Meet Times: 7:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.


Congratulations to Doug and Bonnie-Jean Carriger on the recent birth of their daughter, beautiful Samantha Jean Carriger, 6 pounds 10 ounces 19 3/4 inches. What a great present, a new baby and a new house for Christmas. We wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is such great news for a great family here in the  ‘Ville. The Carrigers have lived here in the ‘Ville for a few generations.


Congratulations to Matthew Kreimeyer who was recently elected to the position of Secretary of the New England Pest Management Board last week. The board serves the five New England States. He continues to be active in the NEPMA. Of course, Matt is the son of Rod and Nancy Kreimeyer, founders of Best Pest on Elm Street, a great company with a wonderful reputation for good work. Rod and Nancy are off to sunny Florida and leave the business in very capable hands with Matt.


Happy Birthday this week to some of our fans here in the ‘Ville: Ray Zonghetti, a well-known and popular guy in the Chamber of Commerce here for many years. A good friend to a lot of businesses as well. We wish him a good day. Good old guy and professor of Real Estate here in Somerville, Bill Murphy of Colony Real Estate. Sharon Borges Colleran is also celebrating. Happy Birthday to our good friend Joe Naggie, who waits patiently at the Police Station for the paper every week. Also, Mary Snow, another avid reader of The News and fan as well. A big special Happy Birthday to our own Bobbie Toner, the left and right hand of The News. Nothing gets by Bobbie, she’s the best and she’s very special to us. We certainly wish her the best on her birthday. Long time friend and ‘Villen before “’Villen” was even used as a phrase, is our good buddy Bob McGowan, who grew up here back in the 50’s and 60’s and is still here as one loyal friend, great guy, nice personality and always a positive person. He loves Somerville. Happy Birthday to Stacey Hersey Buckley, celebrating her birthday this week. She’s the better half of Mike Buckley, but we also remember Stacey’s Herseys. The Herseys are long time ‘Villens going way back. Originally, some of us even remember them out of South Portland.


It’s sad that another business has decided to leave the ‘Ville recently, and one with about 12 employees. It seemed like the Zoning Board of Appeals went against neighbors, the Ward Alderman, and the planning staff, and voted down the request for the property located in Teele Square on Holland Street. So we now have a vacant building because the ZBA Board members were more concerned about parking than what the Alderman, the neighbors, and the planning staff had to say, so they voted it down. Now the building is empty and the businesses planned on being there has left and moved to Cambridge in disgust, after all that money they spent upgrading the property. Maybe that’s what we get when we have a retired two time government employee chairing the board. Maybe it’s time for a change?


Apparently, the Johnnies Foodmaster store up in Clarendon Hill is being strongly considered by a fairly large supermarket chain. Negotiations are ongoing, we hear, and hopefully all the residents up in that area will have some good news soon. Alderman Bob Trane is very interested and will keep the residents posted as to what’s going on. We hear something will happen very soon.


Speaking of vacant storefronts, still no news on the Winter Hill Star spot. What a shame. It’s a great location. Hopefully, Alderman Lafuente is on top of it. All the business owners along Broadway are very interested in seeing something coming there as well.


Our condolences go out to the family of our friend Paul Wolinsky who sadly passed away this week. Paul was a very nice person and will be sadly missed.


Guess it’s finally happened, the pure lack of interest of our Aldermen who wish to run for President of the Board next year, except for Bill White and for Vice President is Jack Connolly. Any Alderman we talk to isn’t interested. We figured since Bill is going to be President of the board that his “ride buddy” and neighbor Alderman Dennis Sullivan would at least run for Vice President. You know, to save on gas for Dennis. Yes, we know Bill has a car, but it doesn’t seem to move much since he’s moved over to the Ten Hills, across the street from Dennis who just happens to live across the street.


Alderman at Large candidate Sean Fitzgerald is in the race. He’s running everywhere all over the city, and he’s seen everywhere. We also hear that Mike Capuano Jr. might throw his hat in the race, as well as a couple of other names being bandied around for At Large. A few more names and we will have a real primary for Alderman at Large. Won’t that be exciting? We just need some people, though, who understand all aspects of the real world. You know, non-government hacks! We’re not complaining. It would be nice to see a primary for Alderman at Large.


Congratulations are in order for Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz’s, who recently got engaged, and for her good friend Rep. Carl Sciortino, who got engaged as well. No, don’t be silly. Not to each other. They’re very good friends. We hear they recently went on a trip to Palestine together. We do wonder if it will be a double wedding ceremony. You know, to save money?


Robert E. Invernizzi passed away December 4 after a brief illness.  The World War II and Korean War veteran was recently honored with a square dedication on October 17 at the corner of Porter St. and Gussie Terrace.  He was one of Somerville’s most highly decorated war veterans.  He was a lifelong resident of Somerville and was a draftsman at MIT, where he worked on guidance systems for the Space Program, and General Electric in Lynn where he designed Aircraft Engines. He was the widower of Claire (Breen) Invernizzi and is survived by 7children and 16 Grandchildren.  Services were held at Roger’s Funeral Home on December 6.  He and his wife were laid to rest at the Massachusetts Veteran’s Cemetery in Agawam, MA with full military honors.  Donations may be made in his honor to the VFW post 19 or the MSPCA. He will be deeply missed.


12 Responses to “Newstalk – December 12”

  1. Ron Newman says:

    What business closed on Holland Street?

  2. Billy says:

    Cap Sr will run for Senate, Curtatone will run for governor, and Cap Jr could run for either of those vacant seats. He won’t run at large because all of the at largers are friends of the family and he’d have to unseat one and cause unnecessary bad blood. He is a lawyer and probably cant take the paycut or have the flexibility for a part time position like BOA. But from what hear and read about him, he seems to be a “chip off the old block” and has gotten some good press about some zoning board stuff over the last couple of years. With the family connections and name recognition, he’ll be a formidable candidate in the Ville and in his Cap Sr’s district and could raise some serious $$$.

    Sean Fitzgerald is a great guy and a hard worker, and I wish him luck and hope he wins this time. He’s very smart, unfailingly kind, has had several years doing consituent service work at the state house for a long time, and I think built up a lot of good will during his run last cycle. Because of his state job, he probably has more flexibility than Cap Jr to be a successful member of the BOA.

    But what about other candidates? We need new blood. LaFuente should look at large, or his kid who’s also smart and engaging. He works at his dad’s company and would insert some youth onto the board. How about Todd Easton moving to ward 5 to run for the vacant school cmte seat? How about Courtney O’Keefe? How about Ballantine in ward 7? She only lost by a few votes last time. How about anyone of color in a city as diverse as Somerville? We’ve lost candidates like the Haitian pastor at the church at the corner of Broadway and Central who could have brought different perspective to the board.

    We need to kick it up a notch. The BOA is being run by a president and VP picked by default because no one else wanted it? Come ON. What happened to the good old days of competitive Somerville politics?

  3. MarketMan says:

    Yeah, what business closed and what was the parking dispute?? Did the ZBA want a parking lot or something?

  4. Jeff says:

    @Billy=Todd lives in ward 5 already but I would like to see Courtney run for school cmte.

  5. j. connelly says:

    No Courtney is a lot smarter and should run for higher office…Historically we have gotten a FEW real “losers” who used the school committee seat to move into other positions that they really did not function well.

  6. Dicky Bird says:

    Who wants to go down in the history of this City with the crowd of “GUTLESS USELESS ZOMBIE MORONICK FOOLS” we now have supposedly representing us as????.

  7. JMB says:

    Dicky … huh? I’m confused by your comment, but I’m guessing you mean you don’t like the current crop of aldermen/mayor. Who would you prefer?

  8. teelesquaremayor says:

    Could someone please let us know the business that decided to leave Teele Square? Thank you.

  9. TTinTeele says:

    The Truth, the Business has gone six months, Landlord chopped building No permits, Added apartments, no parking, broken window for six months in front, happened when he got caught! a real jewel of a landlord, I wouldn’t get my teeth fixed by him either! No respect to the neighborhood. I hear he’s done the same chop job in other parts of the city and Cambridge to.

  10. j. connelly says:

    “The Truth” he did all this without permits?? Where was the Inspectional Services??? How were occupancy permits issued??? In Framingham several years back a guy did something like this & the town brought in a wrecking crane and took the illegal additions down. Then again this is Somerville where the administration puts the heat on the good citizens yet let’s their ‘friends’ do this illegal stuff. TEP…The Envelope Puhleeeez!

  11. Ron Newman says:

    What business? What address? Let’s have some actual news reporting, folks.

  12. JMB says:

    Even if they applied for permits, theyd probably get them. Look at all the extra units the city has allowed on lots where there used to be 2 or 3 family homes. Craigie St (thanks Sean OD), Linden Ave, Cedar St, Benton Road … the list goes on and on. And look at the house on Medford Street that basically added several units and doubled the size of the house without permits. Still standing. No concern as long as it’s in the name of “smart growth” or “smart density”

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