SHS Girls Freshman Volleyball hits the ground running

On October 3, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville High School Girls Freshman Volleyball team is off to a great start on the season. The girls are 5-1 with wins against Lawrence, Everett, Malden, Medford, and Methuen.

“They are a good, solid team of 16,” said coach Krista Invernizzi, who is in her third year as the freshman coach. “With 16 girls, there is plenty of opportunity to teach girls to specialize in bumping, setting, and hitting, but they all are learning to serve which is important for making the JV team next year.”

The 2012 Somerville High School Girls Freshman Volleyball team.

The team’s captains, Tamika Michel, Bianca deBarros, and Melissa Sanan, were chosen for their leadership on and off the court. “They have really brought this group of girls together.”

The team has strong servers including Joanne Simon, with 13 unanswered serves vs. Lawrence and Isabella Texeira, with 15 unanswered serves vs. Methuen.

Karlee McCarron, Thainnia Nascimento, Kayla Batista, and Karen Zeferino have become strong diggers in the back row. Olivia Thorpe, Kiara Correia,and Brianna Bravo have played strong at the net. Kayla Lnehan, Bruna Lino, Karina Zeferino and Nicole Morales have become solid setters.

“Most Freshman come into the program with no volleyball experience, so it is about teaching basic skills and fundamentals,” said Invernizzi, “but it is good to see the girls improve and become solid volleyball players.”




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