Medical marijuana opponents present their case

On October 3, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Blake Maddux

Approximately 20 people, including Somerville Police Chief Thomas Pasquarello, gathered at the Cross Street Senior Center on Wednesday to hear a talk about the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative, which will appear as Question 3 on the state ballot on November 6, 2012.

If the measure passes, it will allow individuals to legally obtain marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation and, in some cases, grow it in their homes.

The speaker was Cory Mashburn, Director of the Somerville Office of Prevention, part of the Somerville Health Department.

About halfway through his presentation, Mashburn stated, “The legislation came from the proponents’ side. I wanted to give the opponents’ side at the beginning and show what each side is going from, so that everybody can know both sides so that you guys can make the proper decision.”

He also indicated his personal experience with the issue, declaring early in his talk, “My father, in 2004, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and he was actually on Marinol, which is a cannabis-based pill.”

Mashburn explained that marijuana is a Schedule I drug, meaning that, in his words, “It has no medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Marinol, which people often call “the marijuana pill,” is a Schedule II drug, and can therefore be prescribed by doctors, as it “has medical use,” Mashburn said.

The key factor in the scheduling of a drug is decided after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does a scientific and medical study of the drug. It does this in order to determine how a drug affects the body and interacts with other medications that a person is taking, as well as proper dosages.

Mashburn pointed out that “in 2006, there [were] no sound scientific studies that supported medical use of marijuana for any treatment on people in the United States.” Moreover, organizations including the American Glaucoma Society, the American Cancer Society, and the American Multiple Sclerosis Society have not approved marijuana as a proper treatment.

However, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Marinol and Cesamet, two marijuana-based medications. Sativex, another such medicine, is expected to be on the market in 2013. Mashburn said that Sativex is designed to “take ‘the high’ away from marijuana.”

As a representative of the Somerville Office of Prevention, Mashburn was obviously concerned about the abuse of any drug. He said, “From our experience with any drug…if there’s more access and availability, people are going to use it…People will sell it, they can get it easier, they can get it from the stores, and they feel confident that they can use it.”

He then went on describe the experiences in three of the 17 states (and Washington, D.C.) that have, since 1996, passed laws allowing the use of medical marijuana.

In California’s Los Angeles County, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) closed down more almost 60% of the county’s approximately 900 medical marijuana dispensaries. The DEA did this because it believed these dispensaries were violating federal law by selling a Schedule I drug. Mashburn later mentioned that some schools allow students to have marijuana in school. He cited instances in which they were permitted to smoke it in order to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a sprained ankle, and a hangnail.

In Oregon, nine people under the age of 15, including two people younger than 10 years old, have availed themselves of medical marijuana. “There isn’t an age limit,” Mashburn said. “It’s just what doctor you have and if they’ll recommend medical marijuana or not.”

Finally, Mashburn reported that in Colorado teen use of marijuana in one of the state’s largest counties has increased from 19% to 30% since its legalization for medical purposes.

In 2008, Massachusetts voters approved a measure decriminalizing the possession of non-medical marijuana. (Possession of an ounce or less now carries only a $100 fine). Mashburn asserted that use of the drug by youths has increased by 30% since then.

If voters approve Question 3, individuals with the recommendation of a doctor will be entitled to a 60-day supply of marijuana. Mashburn estimated that this would amount to about three ounces. Patients with a medical marijuana card will be able to obtain this supply at any one of the up to 35 dispensaries that will open. Anyone 21 years of age or older can serve as a caretaker for a patient, and thereby collect marijuana for anyone who is unable to do for him or herself. Misuse of a medical marijuana card is punishable by a $500 fine and six months in jail, which was previously the penalty for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health will be responsible for regulating the dispensaries, which Mashburn said will resemble “candy stores or a 7-11” in that they have jars that contain different strains of marijuana. Stores will also be permitted to sell marijuana-based foods, including something called “Pot Tarts,” without FDA regulation.

Mashburn ended his talk by stating, “It’s up to you how to vote. I’m not telling you how to vote. You guys can make your own decisions.”


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  1. Josh B says:

    his statements contained two very key lies in it, marijuana use among teens has not increased 30% in massachusetts, and teen use in Colorado has increased but only by 4%, and professionals involved in surveying have admitted they believe this number has increased specifically because teens feel less of a reason to lie now(think about it, it makes sense), secondly a man that has a job that soley depends on marijuana being legalized is expected to beat back any question on a ballot that works in the direction of ending prohibition, this drug is not perfect, but neither is many of the drugs prescribed to people today, many of them have terrible side effects, and in some cases can kill, but in weighing the two it is better for a society to build on something that is not perfect, then to build on something by piling lies on top of lies and throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks……. just saying

  2. kevin hunt says:

    “Mashburn explained that marijuana is a Schedule I drug, meaning that, in his words, “It has no medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Marinol, which people often call “the marijuana pill,” is a Schedule II drug.”

    Wrong Mashburn, Marinol is schedule III. In other words, the active ingredient in natural marijuana, which is more effective and inexpensive than Marinol, has been proven safe by the FDA. Natural marijuana contains the anti-psychotic CBD, which reduces the “high” from THC.

    The schedule I status was done by Nixon for political reasons, even after Nixon’s own Shafer Commission recommended legalization of marijuana.

    It seems that Mashburn knows nothing of medicine, law, or history. The “teen use increase” is a lie, too:


    “but there’s no statistical evidence that legalization increases the probability of use,” Daniel I. Rees, a professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver, said in a written statement.”

    Source: “Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use” Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

  3. kevin hunt says:

    Why is Marijuana in Schedule I, but pureTHC in schedule III?

    In 1970, President Nixon appointed Raymond P. Shafer as chairman of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, also known as the Shafer Commission.

    While the Controlled Substances Act was being drafted in a House committee in 1970, Assistant Secretary of Health Roger O. Egeberg had recommended that marijuana “temporarily ” be placed in Schedule I, the most restrictive category of drugs, pending the Shafer Commission’s report.

    Nixon appointed Raymond Shafer as the head of a commission to determine how marijuana should be regulated pursuant to the passage of the CSA of 1970.

    On March 22, 1972, Mr. Shafer presented a report to Congress and the public entitled “Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding”. The Commission concluded that marijuana users “are essentially indistinguishable from their non-marijuana using peers by any fundamental criterion other than their marijuana use.” They found that, “Neither the marijuana user nor the drug itself can be said to constitute a danger to public safety.” The Commission recommended “Decriminalization of possession of marijuana for personal use on both the state and federal levels.”

    Raymond Shafer was a decorated WWII veteran and the Republican Governor of Pennsylvania from 1967-1971.

  4. Meme says:

    Can the Somerville news please attempt to be a responsible news source and question some of these statements. They are so outrageous to not even ask for a source is beyond negligent.

    “Mashburn asserted that use of the drug by youths has increased by 30% since then.”

  5. chris says:

    josh b speaks the truth there has been no viable statical increase in use amongst teens

  6. Doug says:

    I think that Mashburn said that Massachusetts youth use rates have increased 30% as of the nation. Which means that MA rates are 30% higher than the nation.

  7. weedbay says:

    This is the good ol USA and we need more prisoners for our privatized prisons. We acknowledge that vitamin C is good for you, but owning an orange tree, that’s illegal. Same with marijuana trees. Another thing, since 50% of the budgets for law enforcement, prosecutors, and judicial are devoted to the war on drugs without they would have to do real work. Like testing the millions of rape kits that have gone untested. Or arrest real crimianals instead of stoners eating potato chips on the sofa. We can’t have that.

  8. Paul says:

    Funny, if you look at the side effects of Marinol,,, The only cure for those side effects would be to smoke marijuana.

    Besides,, Why not make beer illegal,,, they do have near beer which has the same taste, but eliminates the buzz?

    I mean, we all want our society to be drug free, right?

    The same for cigarettes and other “highs” that are produced legally.

    Lets get rid of all mind and body altering drugs,, God will provide, right?

  9. Howard Johnson says:

    1: this entire meeting revolved around one person giving his opinion on questions screened and asked by one person. 2: everyone at the meeting was a city official or cohered into attendance by city programs, and they still only got 20 people. Why is this even news? We could have saved some tax dollars and sent a press release for the papers to print verbatim, because that is essentially what this article is. 3: It’s funny how Massachusetts’ marijuana use has increased, but not in Somerville. That is a major hint that these numbers are completely skewed. “Pot is a problem … but we’re doing our job stopping it here.” Makes me wonder who makes these stats. 4: Mashburn says his father used medical marijuana, and did not imply that marijuana is what caused his father’s cancer. Debate on the effectiveness of medical marijuana aside, does Mashburn think his father should go to jail?
    It’s a shame to see SCAP reduced to stopping a democratic ballot question. This ballot question is not like California’s: you need to be a cancer/AIDS patient to qualify, so the pool of people this actually applies to is miniscule. SCAP was created to stop the plague of heroine and Oxycontin overdoses in Somerville. Mashburn and other substance abuse groups should get back to helping people with serious substance abuse problems, not justifying their existence on frivolous PR campaigns

  10. Josh B says:

    @ Doug it states clearly “Mashburn asserted that use of the drug by youths has increased by 30% since then” why are you twisting words?…. he clearly was making an effort to claim that in Massachusetts since we have decriminalized marijuana teen use has increased 30%….. please don’t play word games with me….. at least he spoke in front of 20 people now if he had made horrible lies like this in front of hundreds I would have been livid

  11. Doug says:

    @ Howard Johnson..SCAP has been around for awhile and they do programs to prevent underage drinking and substance abuse not just heroine and oxycontin.

  12. Scott B says:

    Thanks everyone for your excellent comments. I read this article and was completely horrified by the inaccuracies. I’m really glad that I decided to read the comments to see that not everyone feels the same as this Mashburn guy.

  13. Dr. Kyle says:

    Marinol contains delta 9 THC, which when ingested, is converted to an 11 OH metabolite which is highly psychoactive. Far more psychoactive than inhaled marijuana. Sativex contains delta 9 THC and CBD. CBD has been shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent, without the bleeding side effects of NSAIDs. Marijuana contains many different cannabinoids, and no man made drug comes close to the benefits of inhaled marijuana. For those who feel smoking is harmful, devices called vaporizers exist. Marijuana has not been shown to cause cancer, in fact studies show that marijuana actually inhibits the growth and development of lung cancers.
    Addiction is characterized by behaviors of drug use such that discontinuation of the drug will cause discomfort. Proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec are considered addictive. If a person takes prillsec for 6 + weeks and then stops, that person will suffer from abdominal pain. There is an increase in acid secretion due to discontinuation of this proton pump inhibitor. Marijuana is not physically addictive, but proton pump inhibitors are physically addictive.

  14. madesigns94 says:

    Marinol is a synthetic cannabinoid, that is produced by these large drug companies who stand to lose millions of dollars if medical marijuana is allowed. It is the same type of synthetic cannabinoid as K2, and other synthetic drugs that no one knows the long term side affects of.

    Marijuana prohibition was the only way for people like Harry Anslinger to keep their jobs after alcohol prohibition was ended in the late 1930’s.

    It is the same scenario today, I am sure marijuana is a big part of the D.E.A’s work load, and if prohibition ends then a lot of people will be out of work, that is a big part of why the DEA does not want to let it go.

  15. Howard Johnson says:

    @ Doug. SCAP was created in 2004 as a direct result of the plague of overdoses in Somerville. While they do not deal with heroine and Oxycontin exclusively, they have certainly lost sight of their purpose. Who does this campaign help? Who are they reaching? This comes off more as an obligatory reaction against any change in the war on drugs, which by all accounts is a miserable failure.

  16. Ray Spitzer says:

    Funny that some of the same idiots against medical mj are probably in favor of more cheap alcohol in Somerville!

  17. Cities in California and other states are closing down all
    marijuana stores due to the concerns of neighborhood residents and public health experts that include: increase of crime and violence in neighborhoods, truancy from school, and overall increase in other drug use. In fact, recently the LA City Council banned their medical marijuana stores because of these community issues and concerns, and Tuesday night the Santa Monica, CA City Council called for a moratorium on
    medical marijuana shops because of risk to public peace, health and safety thattheir residents were loudly complaining about.

    In other states that have medical marijuana stores, medical
    marijuana being diverted to kids through card-holders is a serious problem. A recent study shows 74% of drug addicted teens in a Denver youth treatment center had received illegally diverted marijuana from a medical marijuana cardholder an average of 50 times!.

    Under Question 3, anyone 21-years or older can sell marijuana as long as they don’t have a felony conviction with no requirement for special training or even a high school diploma, and anyone 21 years or older can grow marijuana, even if they have a felony record.

    If we want to facilitate our seriously ill getting marijuana for their pain, let’s write a law to do that. Ballot Question 3 would change the landscape and climate of Massachusetts dramatically. Anyone who’s been to Berkeley California or Boulder, Co – that’s what question 3 will bring to our neighborhoods and communities. Violence, trash, crime other illicit drug addiction, unsafe neighborhoods – all the fallout that pot stores and home grows breed.

  18. NoWebSiteNeeded says:

    Unbelievable. After all that’s been said here, this character crawls out from under its rock and spouts off.
    Okay, some facts: Dispensaries in CA are NOT being shut down. That’s an out and out lie. Certain people constantly make a stink trying to get them shut down, for obvious reasons. But that is not actually happening.
    Also, your kids are not going to be made into drug addicts because of medical marijuana programs. None of the skewed data and blatant misinformation will ever make that so. Cheap scare tactics only. Don’t be manipulated.
    Sick people, sometimes dying people, need this medication. Bottom line.
    The opposition’s motivation? No mystery at all. Big pharmaceuticals as well as drug trafficking gangsters lose a lot of money when this medicine is decriminalized. Follow the money, you’ll find the source of this squawking.
    Shame on you for your lies, but thank you for providing an excellent example of how low you creeps will stoop to make your money.

  19. Ray Spitzer says:

    Apparently, Romney visited this site.

  20. Money says:

    It’s funny when you say the opposition is all about money when they have raised around 2-3000 dollars from MA residents and the proponents have one person from Ohio funding their campaign. Whose in it for the money?

  21. JW says:

    Huh? You got to be kidding. The drug war professionals, that’s who. And who might you be working for? Never mind. Who really cares? Grow a heart and stay out of this. Let people have their meds.

  22. Check your facts says:

    @ NoWebsiteNeeded..You may want to check your facts about dispensaries closing…The DEA are closing them left and right because it is a federal crime to sell marijuana.

    In Seattle

    In CA

    Please check your facts before you pass them on.

  23. Money says:

    @JW…So who will be paying for these dispensaries? Huh? The tax payers thats who. There is no budget for them at all. If this bill was about just giving the meds to the sick and dying there would be no problem with it. But that is not the case at all. It is about getting more marijuana on the street for the youth of MA. They need to have stricter regulations and tighter laws.

  24. Do we want this in MA? says:

    CA:”Commercial enterprise, a drug trafficking organization to hide behind the medical marijuana law to grow marijuana”

  25. Dave says:

    Marijuana smoke contains 33 known carcinogens. It doubles the risk in men of getting testicular cancer.

    Marinol, FDA approved, can be accurately adjusted in dosage to effectively treat medical symptoms without getting the patient “high”. And isn’t that what all sincere citizens want for our medical patients?

  26. JW says:

    Nice little flurry of misinformation there. I’d like to say “nice try” but it’s actually pretty sophomoric. Here goes.

    @ Check your facts: Absolutely. The DEA shuts down dispensaries and the state courts reopen them. Been going on for years. The drug war pros refuse to let it go. It’s about states’ rights. States’ Rights. Have your kids Google that for you. They’ll know how.

    @ Money: The dispensaries are self-sufficient. There is no public funding involved. None whatsoever. Unlike the ridiculous, failed drug war that refuses to die. Outright lie.

    @ Do we want this in MA?: More fabrication and exaggeration of facts. Stop lying.

    @ Dave: Same thing. Stop lying. Refer to Dr. Kyle’s post above: “Marijuana has not been shown to cause cancer, in fact studies show that marijuana actually inhibits the growth and development of lung cancers.” Also, these big pharmaceuticals derivatives don’t do what they’re claiming to do. But these manufacturers do stand to make a lot of money. Right, pal?

    People. Most voters in MA are smarter and better informed than this. The lies and cheap scare tactics won’t work. So back off. If you don’t, others will be here to set the record straight. Count on it.

  27. Dave says:

    @JW: “NIce try”. How about stop lying on all counts yourself? This legislation is not about helping the sick and dying. It is about legalization of marijuana. And so listen to Dr. Kyle. YEAH RIGHT. This article was right on with information on the legislation. Complete facts. Just read the rersearch and the legislation from your ballot packet. You people are just trying to get people misinformed. Stop using marijuana and maybe you will make some cents.

    “One study demonstrated a doubling in lung cancer for male marijuana smokers who also used tobacco. Another study found that long-term use of marijuana increased the risk of lung cancer in young adults (55 and under), with the risk increasing in proportion to the amount of marijuana smoked.”

    “Marijuana likely increases the risk of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, a type of brain tumor, and the risk of leukemia in the offspring of women who use it during pregnancy.”

  28. Dr. Kyle says:

    Ok Dave, right out of an article from your link.
    ” Observational studies of subjects with marijuana exposure failed to demonstrate significant associations between marijuana smoking and lung cancer after adjusting for tobacco use.” So to translate, when you take tobacco out of the equation, there is no increase in cancer. I looked through those articles in your link; I found no STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT increase in lung cancer from cannabis use alone. Cents? Don’t you mean sense?

  29. Mike Cann says:

    “It’s funny when you say the opposition is all about money when they have raised around 2-3000 dollars from MA residents and the proponents have one person from Ohio funding their campaign. Whose in it for the money?”

    The Medical Marijuana Initiative group has also raised money from MA citizens and has many of us here that want this to pass, have put up hours and my own money to end the war on marijuana users. I’m not funded by Peter Lewis and know hundreds of other MA citizens like myself who have contributed to this cause for decades. You only raised a few thousand against and who did it come from? From health professionals who are on the public payroll? From Dr. Kevin Sabet who has spent time on public payrolls with the Drug Czar office? I’ve never aimed to make money or get rich from marijuana reform. The other side I’m not so sure about. But says much when the MA citizens I know with no financial or career ends to make donate more than those with the means and the financial and career interests. The citizens, the public of MA supports full marijuana legalization, 62% of MA voters, Close to 2 MA voters support it over the 1 who doesnt. There are more MA citizens with zero funding or career goals from the activism, moving for medical cannabis and/or legal cannabis than those who campaign for the other side. Be honest. Why I get much more youtube views, subscribers, etc. on my videos than the campaign that is opposed!

  30. JW says:

    You know, Dave, I might just be wrong and may owe you an apology. You might not be lying at all, you might actually believe the tripe you spew. There’s a big difference between dishonesty and ignorance. How can I tell which thing it is with you? I can’t.

    But I do notice that you keep dishing out the same bogus ‘facts’ and made up propaganda. Repeating the lies may have worked for some of your heroes of the past, but it won’t work this time. The voters are too smart to fall for it. The issue is currently polling at 62% or so in favor of the initiative. You’ve already lost.

    But it is fun winding you guys up and watching you go. It’s better than TV.

  31. Ray Spitzer says:

    Dave is probably one of those cheapo rent-a-blogger types republicans and tea party hire these days to troll sites! We should complain to his employer, given how bad he has been at making convincing points!

  32. Chris W. says:

    DAMN….I miss alot of action.. Im late in the game.

    @ Mike Cann…..You said “The citizens, the public of MA supports full marijuana legalization, 62% of MA voters,” Well this bill is about Medical Marijuana and not legalization. And just because your poll from whereever you got it says that 62% of weed smokers approve legalization means nothing. It is a federal crime and again this bill is about Medicine not legalization.

  33. Mike Cann says:

    @Chris W. It’s not a poll from whenever it’s from less than a year ago of MA voters, with one of the most respected pollsters in the state. Medical Marijuana polls very much in same ballpark. You folks can say it’s about the rich guy, Peter Lewis but if you ignore that MA Citizens have been working on this for more than a decade? MA Citizens who don’t get paid? Have run Public Policy Questions year after year on the ballot? Have won every PPQ they gathered signatures for? Whether decrim, medical, or legal? Yes, you can’t ignore that. And neither could Peter Lewis that is why he came to run this Initiative here. Because the Citizens of MA asked him to do it. Polls and Public Policy Question results dont lie. Question is, why are the opponents lying?

  34. Chris W. says:

    @ Mike Cann…so please tell me what the opponents are lying about? Exactly?

  35. Mike Cann says:

    They are lying about lying, don’t you get it?

  36. Mike Cann says:

    Chris W, You haven’t answered a question of mine, so anyways. I’ve gone over some of the distorting of truth at and will be more in the media, I think this newspaper coming up. Others have also posted here. The CO canard. One county? With no source? When the feds own research says what?

  37. Chris W. says:

    @ Mike Cann…You make no sense man…looked at your youtube channel. Pretty pathetic!!!! When you were talking at that presentation you were just rude as crap. And you called yourself a Medical Marijuana patient. HAHAHA.. What a joke. You may smoke weed or pot but that does not make you a patient. I would answer a question if I could understand what you were trying to say. And yes people might be getting signatures but this bill still goes against federal law by selling and growing marijuana. You cant get around that. And good luck with the legalization thing….will never happen. And you and everyone are talking about having sources. Papers or this type of article never has resources within the articles. So stop crying like a little baby all of you. You people are pathetic.

  38. Mike Cann says:

    @Chris W, typical for your side to attack a patient without knowing a thing about my situation. Says it all. No more talk or response to you from me, here on out, you’ve proven yourself to be what? Working on NO ON QUESTION 3. Brilliant campaign you running. Attack patients, good job, you must be proud.

  39. Chris says:

    I just want to add in that in this country as a whole 52 percent of people polled would like to see marijuana totally legalized. Thats because people in this country have become informed on the issues. Only 27 percent want marijuana to remain illegal and the rest of everyone doesn’t care either way. Do we have a democracy, or a republic how could this be so. Personal choices are personal choices. The case where the government knows best over the majority of the people is a bunch of crap. Put all these things in to ballots on the federal level and lets as people have a vote. Do we want pot medical, do we want pot fully legal or illegal. The government should have no say this is a freedom issue. Its a fallacy that since drugs are illegal they are less accessible to kids. Actually the opposite is true. In my own personal experience even 10 years ago you could get any illegal drug in high school easier than alcohol. The answer to that is simple they ask for ID for alcohol no ones asking for your ID if you buy drugs. Also violence is raised on the streets because of prohibition. Mexican cartel aren’t making money and killing people on both sides of the boarder because drugs are legal. The violent street gangs in our country become so powerful from drug money. Marijuana is their staple. The federal government should just step aside and let the states decide their own drug policies based on the will of the people that’s how democracy works. The government sells a lot of the street drugs for instance the cia selling the cocaine Ricky Ross he proved it and hes the only one sitting behind bars. How else they get money for black book operations off the grid. Also who cares about health concerns about anything when you are a adult you should be able to make your own decisions and not have over sight from mommy and daddy (in this case the government). My back round I have never used drugs don’t ever care to but i always will support a persons freedom. So you don’t have to smoke pot to have an opinion here FYI.

  40. Don says:

    Marijuana as a treatment for AD/HD? You’ve got to be joking. I have AD/HD and marijuana made it 10 times worse. I can’t even read in English stoned.

    Marijuana is addictive? Come on. It took me only 6 attempts to quit smoking marijuana. BTW, I quit smoking cigarettes on the first attempt, even though I had been smoking them much longer.

  41. Ray Spitzer says:

    MJ will not be legalized in MA. End of story. Too many parents with kids will vote no, as they should.

  42. amen says:

    all for it when it was glaucoma/cancer. Read the list of conditions this will apply to: ADD, Anxiety, Insomnia, & the list goes on. I think hangnail is in there somewhere. and run by the Mass Dept. of Public Health? how are the state crime labs doing? Meningitis anyone? How about a dead body in a pool for 3 days while the pool is open for swim and inspected WHILE THE BODY IS THERE? yeah, these people can handle this.
    anyone else sick of Spitzer lashing out at anyone who doesn’t agree with him? enough of the name calling.

  43. Ray Spitzer says:

    Ramen, you are another Mharry? I thought so! There is only one teabagger around here, with a lot of time on his/her hands.

  44. amen says:

    time on his hands? i’m thinking this site is the sum total of your life. you’re so clever with the names, just not so clever at understanding issues and discussions. have you tried an enema?

  45. Could anyone tell me ONE good thing with the prohibition? I cant come up with a single thing…

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