Early morning car accident in Somerville

On September 23, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Early Sunday morning Somerville Fire Department Rescue Units were dispatched the intersection of McGrath Highway and Mystic Avenue for a two car motor vehicle accident.

Upon arrival to the scene rescue workers extracted two of the occupants of one of the motor vehicles involved in the accident.

The two victims were transported to local hospitals by ambulance.


2 Responses to “Early morning car accident in Somerville”

  1. A Moore says:

    That’s a real shocker. Wonder how many of these there we don’t know about? I have come close a few times there myself. Many times I now go around another way just to avoid that section. Even walking I won’t go that way. This has been going on for years plus cars keep ending up going the wrong way in that area also. Seen a few of those there over the years.

  2. Jey R. says:

    One other thing about that area is the condition of the road… They need to either raise those steel plates to street level or repave it.. very dangerous going through there to 93… i’ve seen people swerve through there nearly hitting a car on the next lane.

    I’ve tried calling DPW but no answer :/

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