‘What the Fluff’ – Again?

On September 23, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

What’s that strange, sticky substance showing up all over town? Why, it’s Fluff!

By Tatiana Kombo

The seventh annual “What the Fluff” festival will be held on Saturday, September 29, as part of the Somerville Arts Council’s Arts Union project. Funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the City of Somerville, the festival will be paying homage to Archibald Query, the man who first concocted Marshmallow Fluff in 1917.

As Union Square Main Streets executive director Mimi Graney puts it, “The annual Fluff Festival has become synonymous with the city of Somerville.” Union Square is able to represent what Somerville is all about, “Playfulness, creativity, and community spirit.”

This year, due to the “lighter than air” quality of Fluff, the theme will be outer space. In order to keep the event “homegrown,” the games are free and run by a group of volunteers. Slightly inspired by Game of Thrones, the festival will be hosting a giant Marshmallow Shooter Battle, and after last year’s success, “a whole variety of sticky games on the Shenanigans Stage like Fluff Hair Dos, Fluff Musical Chairs, Fluff Jousting and more” will be back.

In addition, past Pharaohs of Fluff and candidates for this year’s prize “will work the crowds to recruit people for their team.”  Mini marshmallows will be volleyed “across the central parking lot in a wacky slow motion, soft touch battle.”

One can choose to take part in a cooking contest by submitting creative, traditional, or original fluff-based recipes.

One also has the option of stopping by the Artisan’s Asylum booth to construct marshmallow shooters using the provided kits of PVC pipes, before delighting themselves at the various food stands where local businesses will be selling homemade edible goods, “from the Somerville High School music department spreading for all the sandwiches, to the S’more pizzas by Mama Ginas, to the special for the event Fluff Popsicles concocted by Ocean Ave Pops.”

Graney notes, “The City of Somerville continues to be an amazing partner in making this ever-growing event happen.” She appreciates the coordinated effort of the DPW, the Arts Council, police, traffic department, and Mayor’s office, who have worked to create a “fun, smooth running event.”

What the Fluff? Festival. Union Square Plaza in Somerville, Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 3 to 7 p.m. with a rain-date of September 30.



9 Responses to “‘What the Fluff’ – Again?”

  1. j. connelly says:

    The person wearing the fluffernutter sandwich head piece has a lot of guts. What with all the pigeons & seagulls around that supersize piece o’bread it is an attractive target.

  2. seriously? says:

    and there’s no way to do this without shutting down all of Union Square? anyone out there work for a living? maybe need to catch a bus? Sign currrently says, Sat. Union Sq. CLOSED. sounds like fun, but I will be working 10hours that day, assuming, of course, I track down the information on where you’ve re-routed my bus. Have Fun, be sure to tap the Trust Fund before you head out for the festival.

  3. Mimi Graney says:

    We understand that closing the street is disruptive and appreciate everyone’s patience. The festival’s grown so big that we need to prioritize pedestrians on the streets this one time each year.

    I’ve contacted the MBTA on the rerouting of buses and stops and a senior person there is working on it. As soon as I get the info I’ll post on our website: http://unionsquaremain.org/fluff-festival/

  4. seriously? says:

    great, i guess we’ll all just keep checking your website. Do you take any resp. for getting this information out to people in a more timely manner? it’s one time this year for you, it’s constant all over the city, and it’s extremely frustrating for anyone trying to get to school, work, family things during these parties. Take a good look at your crowd – it’s a miracle if you see the face of a minority, an immigrant, a disabled person, a senior citizen.

  5. JMB says:

    Seriously? – I think your comment about not seeing a minority, immigrant, senior, or disabled person, is over the line. Different events attract different crowds. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of hipster trust funders at the Senior Picnic. I don’t think you’ll see hipsters at the Memorial Day parade. I don’t think you’ll see lots of seniors or hipsters at the various ethnic parades and food festivals throughout the city.

    That being the case, I do agree that the city finds it much too convenient to shut down roads for each and every event. There is a road race every weekend (smack in the middle of the morning). There are outdoor festivals every month except Jan and Feb. Why Fluff Fest couldn’t hold itself at Lincoln Park or Dilboy, or Trum, or the SHS field house or anyplace else public is beyond me.

    Yes, the city should encourage events of all stripes, but it needs to do better to lessen the impact on people who are NOT going to these events (like you, who needs to get to work, or me, who needs to run errands on Saturday morning and is rerouted off of BROADWAY!).

  6. j. connelly says:

    well evidently the people @ city hall are book smart but experience dumb.
    Instead of (as they always do) touch base with the chosen few, they need to do what they were hired to do…represent ALL of the people.
    Right now the city is run as a “fiefdom” instead of a municipality.

  7. Stay Puft says:

    Seriously? I think you seriously need a Peanut Butter and Fluff sandwich, and eat it while you walk a few more blocks to catch the “T” We will be thinking of you when we have the soft touch battle of marshmellows! And if your lucky i’ll get you a Fluff t-shirt for being a good sport!

  8. WhatDoYouWant says:

    @connelly: How is the city not representing all people? Name something that a significant group of people wanted and pitched, but was rejected.

  9. j. connelly says:

    When 1 person….

    Decides what’s businesses should or should not come into the
    neighborhood instead of letting those neighbors decide….

    When all that money/time is spent [Assembly Crow] for 14 years only to have the “anchor store” pull out and the citizens are footing the bill for the “developers infrastructure bond….

    When zoning changes are made that end up placing a neighborhood in shadows on a sunny day because of increased height for new development…..

    When in “tight fiscal times” money is WASTED, while services are cut…..

    When you limit the capacity of Dilboy Post and then bypass the original agreement for the Armory and increase their capacity/hours, etc. …..

    When the city with all the reductions over the years and cannot support the existing services, foolishly is going to be in charge of all the utility poles so somebody’s buddy can get a contract to maintain and that will burden the taxpayers even more…..

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