Witnesses detain hit and run driver

On September 20, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to the scene of a reported hit and run incident near Avon St. last Sunday evening.

Upon arrival, officers observed that three individuals were holding a man down on the sidewalk, next to a parked truck. After dispersing the group, officers began questioning the man who was being held.

Luis Ramos, 44, reportedly told police that he had been involved in an accident and that the other driver had fled. He further stated that he was not hurt and did not want an ambulance called.

Police noted that throughout the questioning Ramos seemed to be confused, and that in their opinion the smell of alcohol could be detected on the man. As police escorted Ramos to their cruiser they further noted that he was unsteady on his feet, so they sat him on the ground as they continued their investigation.

Police said that Ramos changed his story frequently, saying at one time that he was on his way home from a friend’s house, and then later claiming that he was on his way to a friend’s house after leaving his home. He also reportedly told police that had three beers at a friend’s house. Ramos reportedly kept asking where the man was that had hit him.

The scene of the alleged accident was examined. A car that had seemed to be hit and rammed up onto the sidewalk was found on Summer St. Police noted that the car was cool, suggesting that it had not been driven recently.

Officers then began questioning witnesses. Two witnesses reported that they heard the sound of a crash and looked out to find the truck belonging to Ramos pushing the struck sedan onto the sidewalk. The witnesses said that the truck and sedan seemed to be stuck together, but that the truck eventually broke free and pulled into a parking area nearby.

Another witness reportedly told police that he had witnessed the collision and confronted Ramos, but that Ramos told him that he had been struck by another car, then accelerated the car out of the lot and across Summer street through a parking lot that leads to Avon Street. This witness gave chase on foot in an attempt to get Ramos’ license plate number.

Yet another witness reportedly told police that he was driving home when he saw the accident and the operator driving away toward Avon Street. This witness parked his truck and pulled out a metal cart, placing it in the street in an attempt to kept Ramos from driving away. According to the witness, Ramos drove at a high rate of speed and struck the metal cart, at which time he parked the truck, got out and began walking away.

One witness took the keys from Ramos’ truck to prevent any further damage being done. The group of witnesses confronted Ramos in order to keep him at the scene until police could arrive. Ramos reportedly became violent and threw punches at the witnesses, whereupon they took him to the ground to hold him until the police came.

A couple of the witnesses reported slight injuries inflicted by Ramos.

A field sobriety test indicated that Ramos was intoxicated. An open alcoholic beverage was reportedly found in his truck. Based upon this, physical evidence at the scene, and witness testimony, Ramos was placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, leaving the scene of property damage, and open container in a motor vehicle.


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