5th Annual Riverfest

On September 14, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Featuring: live music, activities and performances for children, an Edsel car show, food trucks, a rock wall, fireworks and more.

Riverfest is a celebration of Assembly Row moving forward in partnership with the City of Somerville and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. When completed Assembly Row will be an entire new neighborhood of Somerville including a waterfront park, new Orange Line T station, outlet shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues including an AMC movie theater, residential and office space. Riverfest 2012 will take place Saturday, September 15 starting at noon at the DCR Mystic River Park at Assembly Square, Assembly Square Drive.

Here is the unbelievable line up for the day !

Live music stage

12 p.m.  The Beat Horizon with Pete Doom

1 p.m.  Sunlea

2 p.m.  Run Gazelle Run

3 p.m.  Fantastic Liars

4 p.m. Lauren Bateman

5 p.m. Hayley Jane And The Primates

6 p.m. Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

7 p.m.  Afrobrazil

Children’s Area

12 p.m. Norah Dooley

1 p.m. Eric Royer, one man band

3 p.m. Andrea Lovett, storyteller

4 p.m. Lindsay Bezich, puppeteer

5 p.m.  Magic of Dave Hall

6 p.m.  Daniel Forlorno, variety act

7 p.m.  Al the Human Knot

Food Trucks

Paris Creperie- sweet and savory crepes

Frozen Hoagies- homemade ice cream sandwiches

Lobsta Love- seafood and lobster specialties

Grilled Cheese Nation- gourmet grilled cheese

Boston Super Dog- specialty hot dogs

The Taco Truck- taco varieties

Compliments Food Truck- locally sourced goods, mostly whole, healthy menu items

All day fun

Children’s games

Face painting

Balloon twisting

Rock wall (view the Mystic and the Assembly Row site)

Edsel car show

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8 Responses to “5th Annual Riverfest”

  1. Meme says:

    Not to be redundant here but

    Funded by your property tax dollars. I would love if the Mayor would use one of his meritorious pieces that he writes here to explain why he thinks taxpayers should be forced at gun point to fun this things. Additionally his insight into the opportunity costs of spending money on “Al the Human Knot” versus bridge fixes or the school system.

  2. Why do they call it a river fest when Assembly Square is nowhere near a river?

  3. Ron Newman says:

    David – you’ve somehow never noticed the Mystic River right there?

  4. Howard D says:

    me thinks David needs to get out more, by the way Dave the ocean isn’t to far away and Boston actually right next door.

    fyi, i think you’ll find Meme, that Federal Realty is paying for this, not city of Somerville tax dollars, same as the July 4th fireworks all donated by Corporate donations, you know the same Corporation that the local liberal lefties don’t like. Maybe they should check and see where their trust funds are invested?

  5. Jojo Calavera says:

    Hey Meme,
    Ever listen to music on your ancient transistor radio? The GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED RADIO? Get off of your couch and go support NEW music! Musicians in this age are LUCKY to make minimum wage to bring the music to YOU! Give it it a try. You just may have a good time.


    JoJo Calavera

  6. Meme says:

    Just like the fireworks, the city is footing a bill for this. Finding private industry sponsors that are willing to write checks to the mayor, does not mean it is fully funded.

    Ignore the issue of private industries writing checks for city events that the mayor politiks at. Did Federal Reality cover all the cops that were working traffic? Did they pay for field maintenance? Did they cover parking? The cutie’s bill for the fireworks 2 years ago (cant find for the recent one), after the private funding was $20K+.

  7. Ron Newman says:

    Parking? That was free, in Assembly Square’s own parking lots.

  8. cambridgecyclist says:

    Meme, show some actual analysis instead of spouting rhetoric. Back up your baseless statement with some real data. Somerville publishes all its fiscal information publicly, so you can easily determine exactly what percentage of your property tax dollars went into this event versus into everything else the city pays for.

    My educated guess — because I have done this kind of analysis — is that this event cost a laughably small fraction of any residential property tax dollars. Get real, dude, and do the math — it’s not that hard.

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