Unwelcome, intoxicated houseguest arrested

On August 28, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a report of an unwanted person at a Washington St. residence in the early hours of the night of Wednesday last week. As a police unit approached the location a radio dispatch reported that the suspect had left the residence, but a description of the man was given and officers proceeded to search for him.

The suspect, later identified as Daniel Wrobel, 45, was spotted and stopped for questioning by responding officers. Police took note of a bottle that Wrobel was carrying and judged from its appearance that it contained beer. Officers then reportedly ordered Wrobel to put the bottle down but he refused, instead taking a drink from it. Additionally, police reported that Wrobel seemed to square off against them as if to prepare for a fight.

A police officer then knocked the bottle from Wrobel’s hand and handcuffed him, according to reports.

An officer then went to the residence of the reporting party in order to gather facts about Wrobel’s actions that evening.

The woman who made the complaint reportedly said that Wrobel is a friend of her husband and that the man had dropped by earlier that evening. The woman told officers that she allowed Wrobel to sleep on the living room couch while she went to sleep in her bedroom. Shortly thereafter she said that she heard noises and came out of her bedroom to find Wrobel in an irate mood and allegedly throwing things around.

The woman said that Wrobel ripped the base of the cordless telephone off the wall and throw it across the room. She further reportedly claimed that Wrobel did the same with the cable modem, as well as flinging the phone headset around. She also stated that Wrobel knocked the television set off of its stand.

The woman reportedly telephoned police with her cell phone, and Wrobel eventually left the apartment, only to be met by responding officers a short time later.

Wrobel was placed under arrest and charged with violation of city ordinance open container and destruction of property over $250.


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