Hubway bike-sharing kiosks arrive

On August 1, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and Somerville Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Hayes Morrison have announced that kiosk installation was under way in Somerville for the popular metro-Boston Hubway bike-sharing system.

The first wave of kiosk setup would include locations at Union Square, Beacon Street near its intersection with Washington Street and at the City Hall Concourse. Hubway is also installing new kiosks in Cambridge and Brookline as the program expands beyond its very successful inaugural run in Boston last year. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate Hubway’s arrival in Somerville is scheduled for 10 a.m. on August 8 at the City Hall concourse kiosk at 93 Highland Avenue.

“We couldn’t be more pleased and excited to get Hubway rolling in Somerville,” said Mayor Curtatone. “Bike-sharing is a great fit with our efforts to make our city truly multimodal by providing a range of transportation alternatives. It’s an extension of our efforts to make the city as bike-friendly as possible, as well as walkable and drive-able. It’s environmentally responsible. It will provide additional connections to the Red Line, the coming Green Line Extension and other transit and commuter rail lines. And it dovetails with our Shape Up Somerville initiative to promote healthy, active living. It’s just a great addition to the Somerville scene.”

Somerville has requested a total of twelve Hubway kiosks to be installed as soon as the equipment becomes available from the manufacturer. The rental stations will spread across the city from east to west because each new rental point is an extension of an existing central network. Additional locations include Conway Park, Davis Square, Teele Square and Ball Square. Plans for other locations will be finalized based on demand and performance data, but likely locations include Wilson Square, Nathan Tufts (Powder House) Park, Powder House Blvd, Davis Square East and Highland Avenue.

The program’s Somerville costs is funded by a $390,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration and an additional $235,000 from the City’s FY13 operating budget.”

“We’re working now to partner with local pharmacies to provide very affordable bicycle helmets at locations throughout Somerville,” said Morrison. “We believe that this can be a safe, cost-effective, fun and healthy transportation alternative, and we’re convinced that it’s going to be popular with many of our residents.”


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  1. AJ says:

    Awesome news! How much do the bikes cost to rent? And how long do you get them for?

  2. j. connelly says:

    Well from the picture I see that Hubway practices discrimination as all the bikes pictured are “girlie” bikes…lol

  3. j. connelly says:

    Wouldnt it be ‘bettah’ to place them close to GLX stations to support the pollution issue?

  4. A Moore says:

    I think it was $77 a year and you get 30 minute rides and $4? an hour after that. Going by memory so I could be off, they probably have other plans as well I would guess.

  5. Ray Spitzer says:

    Scenario: guy takes bike, falls because the bike is defective or something and kills himself. Who is responsible? The city?

  6. j. connelly says:

    “”The program’s Somerville costs is funded by a $390,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration and an additional $235,000 from the City’s FY13 operating budget.””. So Ray I guess as usual the mayor has illegally stuck it to the taxpayers with a rubber stamp from the “BOA’, thus we will pay.

    “Tight Fiscal Times”, employes laid off, and the city has plenty of taxpayer money to waste in these critical times. The All America City..Da envelope puhleez!

  7. Ray Spitzer says:

    I’m not paying!!! Biking in Somerville gets you killed. It’s not like Amsterdam, where bikers own the city…

  8. A Moore says:

    Hmmmm, sounds like future business for sokolove. I didn’t care too much about them except for the locations until I saw I am footing some of the bill. I hope we will be getting pay from this company from the revenue they are collecting. I don’t see this helmet thing working out very well. But then I beleive in the tooth fairy.

    Seems to me it was not that long ago when cities were in the business of just running the city and not all this. Don’t even know what to call it.

  9. George M says:

    What we need to do, from the standpoint of someone who is new to this city and is now paying home taxes, its easy remove all these incumbent city councilors. Last year was it me or did i not notice that only two wards had a contest? I heard they just voted their own pay raise to be about 35K a year for what is suppose to be 2 council meetings a month and various committees. I think we need to shake the tree, lower their wages and remove any benefits like Health Insurance and pensions from the job. I think term limits for both the Mayor and council and school committee should be on the ballot. Mayor maximum of 4-terms of office, the city council 3-terms for each council and school board. Bet that would improve what is going on here. We should pass around a petition to be signed and find out how many signatures are needed to put it on the ballot, bet we would have a huge number of signatures in a short time.

  10. WS says:

    Ah, I see Waldorf and Statler have taken their places in the balcony….

  11. Winter Hill Barney says:

    Why are there any costs to the city or the Feds? What did public money pay for?

  12. j. connelly says:

    So Ray, if your “not paying” then you must not be a resident (taxpayer-renter). Then again the city gets state/federal aid, so….Ya ..your paying.

  13. The City makes money off of having the Hubway bike stations. The revenue structure allots the daily rent fee to the city where it was rented from and the revenue from annual users is portioned (based on a percentage system) between all four cities that signed on (Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville).

    The money used came out of the FY2013 budget which did not feature any layoffs. There was some hikes in fees and fines, unfilled positions, and AM/PM staffing changes that balanced the budget, but no layoffs.

    The main goal now is to encourage use of the system, so the city can reimburse its initial cost and begin to see a revenue stream.

  14. yuppie scum says:

    Awesome, will be nice to be able to get between some of the “secondary” squares more quickly. Not to mention into cambridge and boston.

    Taking the red line to Central and biking across the river would be a lot quicker than taking the red to the green, etc.

  15. Winter Hill Barney says:

    Ah, thanks Courtney. You’re well-informed, as usual. Is that on the Hubway web site somewhere, or do you know where to get more of the details of the public/private arrangement?

  16. Winter Hill Barney,

    I responded back to an email sent to me by the MAPC (I signed up for their email list) and had a nice woman explain the revenue structure to me.

  17. j. connelly says:

    Okay “Courtney O’Keefe” Since you have the knowledge on this. When someone using the bike, plows into a pedestrian, child in a carriage, etc. How much of the lawsuit will the taxpayers be responsible for when the injury/damage lawsuits occur?

    Since our #1 (mayor) employee and #2 thru 12 (the BOA) employees foolishly signed on to this. The Bike group has already lined up their own lawyers and Hubway. I say the burden of these type of lawsuits should be placed on the mayor & BOA for approving them without placing it on the ballot for approval by the citizens.

    Honest hardworking employees were laid off the prior budget and the mayor illegally placed or used those laid off monies to pay his non-union pals salaries. The union took it to court. The Firefighters union brought in a forensic accountant and found money the mayor and his bean counter hid. The usual old political Somerville Shell game. So please don’t hit us with figures that are skewered.

  18. Somerbreeze says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but the Hubway program will soon be upon us
    and bike enforcement has basically disappeared…

    City Hall sure ain’t on the case!

    But then again, there’s nothing sexy about pedestrian safety, is there?

  19. Teddy says:

    connelly, chill out before you rupture a blood vessel

  20. j. connelly says:

    I’m only worked up because other people keep posting under my name!!

  21. Mike says:

    Its a great program. Looking forward to a Wilson Square kiosk!

  22. Harry says:

    What will the dopes do in the winter that use this scam service? Sure it’s workable now while the weather is warm, but I have a feeling that some of our liberal nitwit neighbors will attempt to use those bikes as their day-to-day transportation. Even in the heart of winter these fools will depend on hubway bikes. We all know how incredibly stupid these liberals are, so I just don’t see this whole hubway bike thing ending well. Not at all. I see road pizza everywhere.

    Also what happens when some of the drunks/druggies decide to use those? Cops are not going to bust them as they’re not looking for it, but you just know some people are going to think “Hey, I’ll get all lumped in Davis or Union and just ride a bike home!” Again… road pizza.

    Well… wait a minute! Let’s turn lemons into lemonade! Maybe we can all kick in and get Bill Shelton and Ron Newman memberships for hubway. Start their memberships up December 1st and let it run to March 31st.

  23. Ray Spitzer says:

    They should have a mechanism such that, when you take the bike you do so at your own risk and give up any right to sue the city on this. Even if the bike is defective and results in harm to the person. Are there any maintenance plans on these bikes? Are they inspected regularly?

  24. j. connelly says:

    Good point Ray! They also need to mandate licenses on bikes and on the rental agencies to have identifying information on each “rentee” so if they do “harm” to someone or property. Basically they need the same rules that apply to motor vehicle operators.

    The Board of Aldermen failed miserably on this issue and did not address important isdsues such as liability, etc. They are too busy just rubber stamping the mayors requests. Thus the taxpayers will take a beating.

    As the number of bikes increase the insurance companies will see the potential $$$ and get legislation for the appropriate measures to be taken. Meanwhile, (Again the BOA great failure) the federal monies received should have been specifically used to hire full time Bike Officers
    to enforce the regulations for bicyclists.

  25. All riders sign a waiver and Hubway has insurance. Since the system launched in Boston, they have had 1 reported accident in the 370,000 rides.

  26. j. connelly says:

    Yah right Cortney! In Somerville every other day you hear the police responding for bike accidents. Just look at the police reports, it’s there in black and white.

    Don’t care about Boston, but they also have way more bike incidents than one. There have been several in the past few months on the t.v. news alone. Instead of a payraise (which should bring the BOA into Mon – Fri full time positions at that salary) The money would be better spent on Bike Officers to enforce the laws on erratic bikers.

    It is disgraceful to cry to the public about the severe financial times, cut services, but give yourselves a full time salary for a part time job.

  27. Ron Newman says:

    Last year, Hubway was shut down for the winter, and I think that’s the plan for this year as well.

  28. Ray Spitzer says:

    1 accident in 370,000 rides? That’s impressive… I’d be surprised if the rate did not go up in Somerville though. The roads are just too dangerous for bikers…

  29. j. connelly says:

    Yes I would think that they would shut down for the winter as between the snow, sleet and rock salt spread out there would be severe deterioration to the bikes.

  30. open honest government says:

    I think it is terrible that the mayor is stealing more tax money for bike rentals, this should be done by a private business,To use courtney okeefes own wordsThe money used came out of the FY2013 budget which did not feature any layoffs. There was some hikes in fees and fines, unfilled positions, and AM/PM staffing changes that balanced the budget, but no layoffs.I think my friend that if you realise that the mayor is setting up a co. to do all the cleaning in the municipal buildings as well as your schools ,the union people that do these jobs are vested in the city and acually care if the buildings are clean.You tell me it took the mayor over twenty years to say the city employees work is below par in cleaning,well the positions that were not filled are now being filled, take a look the isd. supervisor could not pass an open book test so we move him to another dept. and give him a 13k raise.I would like to know if you are connected to cityhall or just a political schill for the mayor and board of alderman, that just keep giving him the tax money to play with.I think if the mayors goal is to run the city like a private business then he should start at cityhall and temp. out all departments, do you see the reality you could out source the entire city ,but where could his friends that can not read work, oh I forgot he wants to outsource the custodians so no more 80k jobs for hanging around.Wake up people of somerville before its to late.

  31. j. connelly says:

    Well keep on writing the blogs to keep people aware and keep writing the U.S. Justice Dept in Washington D.C. so they will come back into the city (undercover) to investigate.

  32. Ron Newman says:

    Why would the U.S. Justice Department be interested in Hubway?

  33. Diego Soltez says:

    I’m new to Somerville. Who are j. connelly and ray spitzer? Why are they writing so frequently on this blog? Are they retired or something?

  34. j. connelly says:

    Well Diego, live here for over 60 years and then you will know what it is all about. You must be new to the state. Historically we seem to have more politicians who get into trouble…as Cuzin Vinny would say to the undercover FBI guy…”$$$ to grease a few palms”
    Well Diego since you noticed some people write in a lot, you can start writing the news that they should pay us for keeping their paper interesting. All of us combined are better than Walter

    Well Ron you are not reading it correctly, read it again. It is about ripping off the taxpayers, etc.

    Did you notice when the cameras are on Romney’s VP choice..from 1 angle he looks like Pee Wee Herman and from the other Alfred E Newman….lol

  35. A Moore says:

    Diego, as another been here over 60 years person, try not to know too much. It’s much easier that way or you have a lot of typing to do.

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