Having a really bad day

On December 13, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Last week, a Somerville police officer observed a van running a red light at Highland Ave. and Walnut St.

The officer pursued and pulled the vehicle over and asked the driver, Kevin Banos, for his license and registration.

Banos reportedly handed over his license and registration but stated, “Just so you know, my license is suspended.”

Police dispatch confirmed that the Banos did have a suspended driver’s license, and the officer placed him under arrest on a charge of operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Banos was subsequently taken in for booking and his vehicle was towed away

Later, that evening, another officer encountered Banos, who was standing at the front entrance of the police station.

The officer asked Banos if there was anything he could help him with, and he reportedly responded with a slew of vulgarities concerning why he hates cops and saying that he knew who the officer was and that he will see him again on the street.

The officer then asked Banos if the vehicle parked in front of the handicapped ramp was his and he once again started a vulgarity laced tirade about his being arrested and his vehicle being towed and torn apart earlier.

The officer told him that he did not know anything about that and that he was not present at his prior arrest. Once again Banos reportedly said, “I know who you are and I will see you again.”

At this time, Banos’s girlfriend came outside and started yelling at him to calm down and get in her car to leave. Banos reportedly refused to get in the car and continued swearing at the officer.

The officer told Banos that if he had a problem to file a complaint, after which Banos stated he was going sue the city and once again reminded the officer that he knew who he was and where he could be found, according to reports.

The officer once again asked Banos, along with his girlfriend, to quiet down and leave or he would be arrested.

Banos reportedly got even angrier and faced the officer while saying again he knew who he was and would find him.

The officer then placed Banos under arrest and, while walking him back into the station, he reportedly tried to pull away, and as they entered the booking room he placed his right foot against the wall, again trying to push away.

Banos was escorted to the booking window where he was additionally charged with threat to commit a crime, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.


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