Lyrical Somerville – November 22

On November 22, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Rianon Prushinski is an English major at Endicott College. She is from Lynn and graduated from Lynn Classical High School. When she isn’t writing in the library, she spends her time watching The Office or listening to Nirvana.

Rianon Prushinski

On the Train


Sometimes I dream of being on a train with no destination.

An old fashioned train like the one in the Polar Express.

It is night and it is snowing softly in the middle of December.

There are Christmas lights on the horizon.

Red, green, white, purple, blue,

The blue ones are my favorite.

Inside the train, the seats are soft velvet

The color of maroon.

I’m sipping a hot, caramel coffee and I feel like

I’m holding happiness in my hands.

It is smooth and soft and tastes like home.

I can watch “The Office” on Netflix and laugh as loud as I want

Because there is no one else on the train with me.

No passengers, no conductor

The train moves of its own accord with no destination in sight.

I can talk to myself and no one will think I’m crazy.

It is just me and my coffee and the Office, alone.

And I am comfortable.


 — Rianon Prushinski




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