They took it up with his boss

On November 16, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

A police officer assigned in plain clothes was making his way to the police station in an unmarked car on Washington Street from the McGrath Highway side last week, when he noticed that the street was gridlocked and moving very slowly.

He eventually found that the source of the gridlock was a box truck making deliveries at a Washington St location.

The officer parked his car in the police station parking lot and walked down towards the truck, spotting the driver, later identified as Doran Henry, of Springfield, as he was coming out with a two-wheeled dolly.

The officer told Henry that he needed to move his truck. Henry reportedly stated that he would do so but then continued to unload the truck.

The officer told him not to continue unloading until he moved the truck, at which time Henry reportedly asked, “You a cop?” The officer replied, “Yes, I am.”

According to reports, Henry then wheeled the dolly around the officer and continued into the store. He reportedly said, “You’ll have to take it up with my boss,” as he walked around the officer.

Henry walked into the back of the building, out of sight, and when he came out, the officer asked him to produce a license. He said, “I’m just doing my job. I’m not showing you anything.”

The officer reportedly asked a second and third time with similar responses. Henry allegedly told the officer to move out of his way and became pushy. The officer told him not to push and called the station by cell phone and requested a unit respond to assist him.

A customer at the location told Henry he was filming the incident, and the officer encouraged him to do so as he reiterated that he has asked multiple times for Henry to produce his license.

Henry reportedly walked around the officer and continued to unload his truck.

A uniformed officer arrived for back up, and when Henry came back out he was told that the needed to produce his license. Again, he reportedly refused.

Henry went around to the passenger side and climbed in. The first officer told him he would be arrested if he drove off, but he saw that Henry was intent on leaving. Not wanting to get into a dangerous situation, the officer closed the driver’s door and stepped away.

According to reports, Henry then drove off. The officer called in the license plate number, vehicle description and direction of flight. He said that he would arrest the driver for refusing to stop, along with other violations, if he caught up with the truck.

Patrolling officers caught up with the truck on Bow Street and arrested the driver,

The company that owned the truck sent someone to take possession of it. The dash cam video from the truck was requested for evidence, but police were informed that the dash cam only turns on when triggered by hitting the brakes too hard or other similar events and there would be no video to be provided.

Henry was subsequently taken to jail and charged with failure to stop for police and motor vehicle operator failure to identify self.


4 Responses to “They took it up with his boss”

  1. Old Taxpayer says:

    Much as it was not the right thing to do I can’t blame the driver. It is a tough job making deliveries in this city. Made even more difficult by our so called improvements. I can see maybe one day there will be a surcharge to make deliveries based on the fact there is no place for the truck to park to make them. Anyone who has done this would fully understand this frustration and why one would go off the deep end like this.

  2. marvgard says:

    It is illegal to close a road because you want to. All this idiot driver had to do was end the obstruction when asked to. In my opinion, the city should pass a law with stiff fines for obstruction during rush hours.

  3. Genie Geronimo says:

    Unable to make deliveries without blocking traffic because the road is now too narrow to double park & allow cars to squeeze by? Like it or not, this is how most deliveries need to be made to stores on streets like this, unless they happen to be blessed with a loading zone.

    The driver should have taken off and left the business owner to take the issue up with his (new) alderman, though I highly doubt that would go anywhere.

  4. Matt c says:

    It’s unfortunate that people seem to think that rules don’t apply to them. As for the alderman, let’s hope they do look for ways to help local businesses

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