Lyrical Somerville – November 8

On November 8, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Poet Amanda Peters writes: “I’m from Plainville, Connecticut and a second year student at Endicott college. I am studying biology with a focus in pre-med, with high hopes to become an OBGYN. Because of this, you can usually find me in the laboratory identifying cells under the microscope. Outside of school, I love to spend time with friends and family, including my maltese-terrier, Dusty Hank. I’ve enjoyed writing since a young age, and always felt comfort in writing either about personal emotions, thoughts, or feelings in ways that others can experience, relate to, question, or think about.”



Amanda Peters

Seconds, minutes, hours.

Time is inevitable.

Time greets you in the morning,

slowly pulling,

then jerking,

the covers off you.

Time is a bitch.

He seems to never be on your side

Like what the hell,

I’m running late to school

no time to get a cup of caffeine,

but always have the time to pace

back and fourth in my room?


I can’t escape time,

he’s nuts,

like a bad boyfriend

or something you can’t shake off.

Always nagging, nagging, nagging

me to finish my homework

because I’m running out of time.


What even is time?

A few numbers 1-12?

And let me tell you,

I’ve seen a lot bigger numbers

in calculus class.

So what makes time all that important, anyways?

I think it’s time

I stop thinking

about time.


— Amanda Peters



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