Water bottle refilling station installed in Davis Sq.

On October 18, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Statue Park in Davis Square is home to the City of Somerville’s newest public reusable water bottle refilling station thanks to the city’s residents who participated in the Somerville Energy Efficiency Now (SEEN) campaign in 2016.

“Statue Park is the intersection of public transit, the community bike path, local business, and culture,” says Christine Andrews, Housing and Environment Programs Coordinator for the City of Somerville. “By providing a way to refill water bottles at a central and accessible location, we are hoping to encourage everyone to reduce waste, whether they are passing through or enjoying the sights and sounds of Davis Square.”

Led by the City’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development and designed to aid efforts in the National Grid Community Initiative grant program, the SEEN campaign encouraged residents to complete no-cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessments and home energy upgrades/ In 2016, Somerville residents completed over 500 no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessments and more than 500 home energy upgrades, exceeding the program goals and earning the City $36,000 in grant funding.

At the National Grid Community Initiative award ceremony held at National Grid facilities in Waltham earlier this year, Somerville accepted the Shining Community Award, and as a result was awarded a reusable water bottle refilling station. Funded by National Grid, the installation of the refilling station was completed by the Department of Public Works on Friday, August 11.

The City is currently participating in the 2017 National Grid Community Initiative and has already seen more Home Energy Assessments and energy upgrades completed when compared to this time last year. For every Home Energy Assessment and energy upgrade completed, the City moves a step closer toward earning $40,000 in grant funding for energy projects from National Grid. Residents can learn more and sign up to schedule their no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment at www.somervillema.gov/seen or by calling the Housing and Environment Programs Office at 617-625-6600 ext. 2567.


5 Responses to “Water bottle refilling station installed in Davis Sq.”

  1. LindaS says:

    Is this filtered water? Most people using bottled water are doing so because they feel it is safer than regular tap water.

    I’ve read that many bottled waters are actually tap water anyway, but I’m just wondering if those who prefer bottled water for what they feel are health benefits, they may not want to use a public refill if it’s only going to be regular tap water, no matter how “safe” our water has been reported to be.

    It’s still a good idea, but it may not have the impact they hope it will have.

  2. ritepride says:

    Never use public drinking fountains. Remember the water fountain Somerville Ave beside the old fire house. Watched a guy who had an intimate session with the girl in his van, parked in DD lot (as it was a rockin an a knockin). Get out, walk to the fountain, and rinse out his
    personal protective device at the fountain. I’d go thirsty before I would ever use the water fountain.

  3. Genie Geronimo says:

    There is no difference at all in safety & quality between bottled water & what the MWRA delivers to our houses. It’s something we should be proud of. People who buy bottled water here are really only buying hype, as well as wasting both their money & the environment.

    I like this bottle filling station idea, though. It fills a need, especially since the drinking fountain in Davis Square is broken or nearly broken most of the time.

  4. Ryan says:

    > Most people using bottled water are doing so because they feel it is safer than regular tap water.

    I know a lot of people (myself included) who carry a reusable bottle filled with tap water simply for convenience and to reduce waste. And MWRA’s water quality is excellent.

  5. Ron Newman says:

    Linda, it’s MWRA Quabbin Reservoir water, among the best anywhere in the United States.

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