He needed a place to stay anyways

On October 5, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to a MacArthur St. residence in the early hours of Sunday on reports of an unwanted person.

Upon arrival, the officers were met by the reporting party, who appeared to be shaken and visibly upset, saying that she saw an intruder, later identified as Nicholas Stiles, in her room with what appeared to be a flashlight.

Stiles next left her room and went upstairs, then came back down and reportedly pushed her into the hallway against the wall and roughly demanded to be told where his jacket was.

Police then spoke with another resident, a juvenile, who was visibly upset. She stated that she was asleep and woke up to Stiles shaking her and asking about his jacket. She also stated that Stiles started going through her dresser drawers while she was screaming at him to get out. She further stated that when Stiles left her room she ran outside and saw Stiles punch her brother. Another juvenile who was in the room at the time corroborated the girl’s account.

Police also spoke to a male and female, who were in the house. The male said that he was in his room playing video games when Stiles opened the door and asked about his jacket. He reportedly said that Stiles came in the room and said that if he couldn’t find it, someone would have to pay the consequences.

The female was in the same room sleeping when Stiles came in the room yelling about his jacket. She confirmed the males statement, and then said that after Stiles left she could hear glass break.

Police spoke with another male who was bleeding from his mouth and had minor cuts to his hand. He said that he was sleeping on a couch in the garage when he was punched in the face and woke up to Stiles hovering above him. He reportedly said that Stiles grabbed him by his hand and dragged him out of the garage towards the house. He also stated that Stiles smashed several glass cups, destroyed a piece of furniture, and other items that were in the garage.

Police were told that Stiles left the house to go back to Casey’s Bar, located around the corner on Broadway.

Police located Stiles at Casey’s and placed him into custody on charges of destruction of property over $250, enter at night for felony/person in fear, and multiple charges of assault and battery. An officer read Stiles his Miranda warning and he reportedly stated that he understood and wished to speak to a lawyer. However, while awaiting transport to jail, he reportedly uttered that he “needed a place to stay anyways,” “the kid couldn’t handle a scrape,” and “they stole my jacket.”


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