She got a bed after all

On September 28, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to Saint Patrick’s Shelter on Washington St. last Friday evening on reports of a resident refusing a request for her to leave.

Upon our arrival, the officers spoke to a facility staff member who reportedly said that a resident, Lidiya Pasholikova, missed curfew, and by policy was automatically barred from the shelter for three days.

Pasholikova was reportedly informed by the staffer that she needed to leave the premises and was barred until Monday of this week, and that the bed assigned to her was now assigned to someone else. Pasholikova reportedly told the staffer that she was not leaving because it was not fair.

As a result of the verbal commotion created by Pasholikova, one of the three women sharing the same room was woken up from her sound sleep. A second female who was present was patiently waiting for Pasholikova’s assigned bed.

According to reports, the staffer told police that the woman who was waiting was now assigned Pasholikova’s former bed.
The officers suggested to Pasholikova that she could stay at the Somerville Police Station lobby until they were able to locate another shelter with an available bed. They also offered to give Pasholikova a ride to the station.

Pasholikova reportedly refused the officers’ offer, but was reminded that she was being asked to vacate the premises at the facility’s request. Pasholikova again refused to leave.

Pasholikova was informed that another woman was waiting for the bed, and she was also reminded her that the facility’s staffer, as well as the police, had asked her to leave to avoid any further incident. Pasholikova reportedly stated, “I am not leaving because it is not fair.”

She had been informed numerous times that because she was not back at the shelter for curfew, the bed was assigned to someone else. According to the staffer, the facility had to turn away ten other women because they were at full capacity.
Pasholikova reportedly told police that she did not want to leave the shelter because of her health. She was asked twice if she would like medical attention, but she refused both times.

According to the officers, they offered Pasholikova a ride to the station, and make phone calls to other shelters in the area to locate an available bed, and that they would provide her with a meal at the station while they made the phone calls.

She reportedly refused all the suggestions and stated, “I am not leaving here, take me if you are going to take me. It is not fair.”
The officers agreed that Pasholikova was not willing to cooperate with them. As one officer attempted to collect Pasholikova’s bags, she reportedly slapped his forearm. She was informed that this was the last opportunity she had to leave the property willingly or she would be placed under arrest. Pasholikova stated once again that she was not leaving, police said.

Pasholikova was then advised that she was being placed under arrest. As an officer showed his handcuffs, she reportedly placed her hands behind her back and under a back pack she was wearing. Pasholikova also laid on her back on top of the bed to halt the attempts at placing her into handcuffs on her. She was eventually handcuffed and escorted outside.

As the officers were assisting Pasholikova into the prisoner transport vehicle, she reportedly began digging her fingernails into one officer’s right arm. She was immediately asked to release her grip, but rather than comply she buried her fingernails even deeper into his arm, according to reports.

With an open palm, the officer struck her back pack, which she was still wearing, in order to stop her fingernails from digging further into his arm.

Pasholikova was booked and processed in the usual manner on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, disturbing the peace, and trespassing.


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