‘Just Help Yourself Day’ on Calvin St.

On September 21, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to a Calvin St. location last week on reports of someone stealing packages from a residential front porch.

While en route, the officers were provided with a description of the suspect, later identified as Carlos Carrion, of Cambridge. They were informed that Carrion was seen carrying a bag and riding a bicycle along Calvin St.

Upon arrival in the area, police observed an individual matching Carrion’s description going behind a building on Washington St. According to reports, police confronted Carrion behind the building, where he was reportedly observed placing all new articles of clothing in an empty trash can, and had other new articles of clothing placed in another trash can.

Police also reportedly found opened Amazon boxes nearby which did not belong to Carrion.

A brown paper bag containing a bottle of wine, along with numerous baby clothes, a Tile Mate, Amazer bike lock, and a Birchbox belonging to the Calvin St. victim was reportedly found on the handlebars of Carrion’s bicycle.

Carrion also reportedly had a brand new, unsigned Visa credit card bearing a name other than his in his possession. He reportedly stated that the bicycle was not his and that he found it. Police, however, reported that they found a key clinched in Carrion’s fist that matched a lock on the bicycle.

Carrion was placed under arrest and charged with larceny from a building and receiving stolen property over $250.

After Carrion was transported to the police station, the officers went to the Calvin St. address where the initial call had originated. There they reportedly found an Amazon box that had been opened, emptied and placed upside down as to make it appear that it was still closed.

On the front porch of another Calvin St. residence, two Amazon boxes were found opened, half emptied, and stacked one on top of each other as though they were not empty.

On yet another Calvin St. porch ripped open manila envelope was found.

All of the items were taken to the Somerville Police Department to be inventoried and placed into evidence.


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