Lyrical Somerville – September 20

On September 20, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Judy Katz-Levine is an internationally published poet who has authored two full-length collections: Ocarina (SARU) and When The Arms Of Our Dreams Embrace (SARU). Her most recent chapbook is When Performers Swim, The Dice Are Cast (Ahadada). Her poems have appeared recently in Blue Unicorn, Ibbetson St., and Salamander.


Visiting My Brother Paul


  1. 14. 17

Here in Paul’s apartment

With the shy cat Riggs waiting

At Paul’s bedroom door

And the art deco paintings

With a sliver of moon and trees

At the dusk cobalt window

And the other art deco by the barred window

With the twilight aqua window and

Cypresses and orange tiger lilies

And the Rodin sculpture on the piano

Of the naked woman in onyx

Her breasts and torso and legs

And almost not noticeable small wings

From her shoulders

And of her turned obsidian face

And curly hair   but there’s the photo

Of my parents on their wedding day

A teddy bear large and blond on a chair

And the art deco lamps that glow softly

With a song “Sweet Lorraine” a gypsy

Violin its Grappelli what we heard in the movie

The one starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nichols

About the lovers in the Hamptons – Long Island

And Paul resting his leg on a pillow

Because his ankle was sprained

Healed almost somehow by the end of the last scene

After they kissed in Paris

— Judy Katz-Levine



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