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On September 6, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

It’s fundraising time again for our favorite AM radio station that plays all those wonderful golden oldies.  Your donation is not tax deductible but will go towards running our favorite station on 740 AM and now 101.3 FM hosted by Bob Bittner. You can hear all the great music from 1930’s to the 1990’s. This kind of music is not available anywhere else. WJIB is the only station that plays the best music ever produced. Make a donation: send your check made out to WJIB at P.O. Box 308 in Bath, Maine 04530.


3 Responses to “Donate to WJIB”

  1. LindaS says:

    Great radio station. I discovered it last year when looking for a station to help my mother, who has dementia. I keep it on for her all the time.

    I read that it helps people with dementia and alzheimers to listen to this kind of music because it might help spark memory. It’s also just nice to hear some music from the “old days” when songs were about more than just sex.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of today’s music, but it just seems that recent generations of music seem to focus more on sex and venting anger than on more positive things, or at least they are more explicit about it today than they were years ago.

    Old music shouldn’t go away, but instead continue to be part of the whole of music culture. Classical music is still played and enjoyed, so why not “oldies” too?

  2. Courtney O'Keefe says:

    This was my late Father’s favorite station! We still have it programmed in my Mother’s car. I will be sure to donate.

  3. Ron Newman says:

    This station is a treasure. I’m glad he was able to add an FM transmitter, because he’s required to power down the AM to just 5 watts at night.

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