Lyrical Somerville – August 2

On August 2, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Tate Sands is a trustee of the Moozie Foundation, a Grant Foundation that aims to provide for vulnerable populations. Tate studied at Berklee College of Music and later received a license in Cosmetology. As well as performing music, Tate is also a stand-up comedian in his free time.

Papa’s Sweater


Tate Sands

All that was left were his things

But what is a thing without a person?

It is merely a thing.

After the ceremony I crept,

Into his closet and wept,

And tried to find a solitary object

That would have some meaning.

On the shelf I spied,

A sweater in blue

Though he couldn’t see colors,

It was his favorite, I knew.

Grandma gave me his cologne

Tom Ford Noir, the same one I owned.

Maybe that’s why I liked it

Because the smell held memories

Though his eyes were blind to color,

They were never blind to me.


— Tate Sands



To have your work considered for the Lyrical send it to:
Doug Holder, 25 School St.; Somerville, MA 02143


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  1. Russell says:

    “Tate is also a stand-up comedian in his free time.” Generally, you can see that male always dominate the industry, i mean the stand up comedian performances always portray only guys can deliver a really good jokes and not many woman really into this kind of performances. I try to search Tate performances on Youtube but cannot find any related videos. I hope that i can see style of her joke because, instead of males, females jokes also is the best to listen and laugh.

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